Several States Begin Easing Stay-At-Home Restrictions | NBC Nightly News


Some Florida beaches and Texas parks that have been closed for weeks are reopening. As debate rages over when to lift stay-at-home orders, some states are already easing restrictions.

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Several States Begin Easing Stay-At-Home Restrictions | NBC Nightly News

  1. mk toohtwo says

    ‘gaaahhthereengg in gruewps…’”

  2. America, still the greatest country in the world says

    It's funny when you look at the Sheep that got jobs as reporters they're wearing their masks when the World Health Organization said it would do absolutely no good in the very beginning. But I guess we have the mind of a parrot unless you have someone with an immune deficiency immediately close to you. There's no reason to scrub and glove every time you leave your house…

  3. Treeo Shawn says

    Are those guys outta their minds,it's so risky,and may put others' lives in danger.Plz just think about others,they dont wanna take risks,and they dont wanna die.

  4. Jeff Hur says

    I work at Stanford Healthcare in California. Stanford is a world renown health organization. Nurses have been asked to be on call but guess what? They’re not needed. Clinics are empty and doctors are working from home while still being paid full salary. Non physician workers have been put on temporary work reductions and some are being furloughed. Covid is an issue but this issue has been overblown by the stupid narcissistic media.

  5. TRUMP 2016!!!!!;! says

    American hero's out protesting

  6. Andrew Simmons says

    It's no wonder scenes like this can happen 2:00, as many weeks ago as it was, with Florida still remaining as low as it does in terms of its death toll list. I sincerely believe with the rays of the sun (blasting 90+ degrees through the ridiculously moist air) coupled with the death of the ozone layer letting in harmful UV types all day, corona doesn't stand a chance at south Florida beaches. If you live here you know about the seemingly endless heat and air moisture. However, the beach has gotta be the windiest spot.

  7. Mary Mande says

    These ppl are destroying ppl Lives ,Ppl have to go Back to Work !!!

  8. Para Noid says

    SO MANY want to die for the economy omg

  9. Bratycasper says

    These people didn’t prepare for this , they seem ignorant and it will repeat there fast we will see this soon on the news . So while are Governor is smart staying closed long I’m hecka glad I’m from California!! And all these people are so ignorant!!

  10. Chris At92 says


  11. Vida Sagharlou says

    Stupid as stupid doesss

  12. Ikasaswarrior says

    History always repeats itself because there’s always people that are irresponsible. But will see what happens in a few weeks ahead. God Blessed is all caused this coronavirus is very serious.

  13. Jay Cristoval says

    NBC is chinese-owned. The rest of the world is pulling manufacturing and investments out of China and beginning their investigations into the ccp's roll in the spread of this virus. You'll get no information on any NBC broadcast because it is owned by a Chinese corporation, and therefore controlled by the CCP.

  14. _KUNDIMAN_ says

    Virus: Attackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!

  15. Gee Brad says

    You have no proof who is behind the protesters of any groups, other than what comes out of their mouths…and that doesn't mean that they represent everyone in that moment…it is careless to sling such gossip like that without evidence…if we were in court, you'd be told, You are leading…your are leading the people to a conclusion without evidence…you are the problem…

  16. tuks kano says

    SO, 70% of test kits produced by US companies gives inconsistent results. Media and everybody else' reaction is, "move along, there is nothing here".
    China test kits ordered by countries from uncertified chinese companies are unreliable, "CCP is the EVIL!"

  17. Nunya Business says

    And because of this, we reach up to 50k deaths. Thanks to the lovely protesters and states who choose to reopen.

  18. ElusvOptmst1 says

    These demonstrations are endorsed by the very rich Oligarchs of America, the Devos and Koch and their entities/cronies to distract us from the real problem. The rich is literally stealing from the poor. Our taxpayers money is being given to the ones that do not need it! Why did Dtrump and Moscow MItch bailout taxpayers money to these corporations and crumbs to everyone else?! Our taxpayers money do not belong to the wealthy. Give the states back our money. Health before Wealth. America needs to implement a Wealth tax for the rich. The rich are stealing our hard earn money and they do not need it! We pay taxes and they do not, they have loop-holes. This situation is unconscionable. The 1% ers are the biggest Welfare Recipients in this country. They feel they are entitled to our money. Disgusting sociopaths.

  19. Jesse Montano says

    So ridiculous. Embarrassing…. Hopefully nothing happens… But do they not understand???? *Sigh…. Gooduck everyone

  20. Daniel Galvan says


  21. Daniel Galvan says


  22. Alex Marxch Lara says

    If your not listen to your government millions of people died in America hundred percent …….

  23. Taylor Martinez says

    This is not good!

  24. Living on a Dollar says

    Wants to work ….lets go to the beach ……

  25. Matthew Scherer says

    Pandemic is over why even have a lockdown in the first place be first to get a million death go america that's why your N.O 1

  26. Morbot Trooper4 says

    Its alwayse southern and some eastern states alwayse thinking they know better and whats best even if it goes against common sense.

  27. Juan melendez says

    "IF I get corona ,I get corona but I still wanna party"😎🛫🛳️✈️🎉🎉

  28. Randy Teal says

    we are all sitting here laughing at the US. Ithink you should try that injecting of disinfectant thing, good idea from your leader….wow.

  29. The Giants says

    on twitter

  30. The Giants says

    follow sniper trading group

  31. TheSwordfish009 says

    30% of the entire population of New York City has been discovered to have had and recovered from CV (infection started in January).

    Let that sink in.

  32. Phillippides Nutz says

    Sweden never closed down, they only did social distancing, and they are doing no worse than us. If you are honest with yourself, you will admit we are making decisions without complete information. Why is the subway open in NYC? Oh, that's essential because people need to be able to get to work? People that live in the middle of nowhere don't think they have the same risk as in the cities, and they need the economy to get back to work.

  33. Cecilia Darko says

    Some of the banks are corrupt…..

  34. Dave Bourne says

    Most of these protesters are doing so because they are in debt.

  35. SOLYO Luborovic says


  36. Rui Pires says


  37. Rui Pires says

    In other news,SHARKS.It is now safe to approach & pet them too.

  38. i get it says

    Taking advantage of people’s fears – every media outlet

  39. i get it says

    They didn’t want to disclose deaths there because the deaths are not as simple as corona killed them. They probably have multiple underlying diseases

  40. Ireismelol says

    If the state opens again I’m just gonna stay at home until corona is over bc I’m not dying nah uh

  41. Juan Mendoza says

    NBC fake news fake news nbc

  42. Cee says

    The magnitude of the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States is so bad that if earlier measures were imposed the rate of death would have been avoided. But it is what it is. In order to combat this serious health issue, everyone has to work together. This virus does not discriminate and it will continuously attack if you do not observe the guided rules. It's for the good and welfare for everyone. It's a matter of life and death.

  43. MIA MINI says

    It's people out here losing they lives over this stuff like this or any virus don't go away that fast..take years look at the plague or spanish flu and other they don't care about they health or anybody I guess

  44. Hale3 Hawaii says

    Sad part is, most of these protesters are the same ones who voted Trump into office on his promise to make their lives better. Less than 2 months in, they are in financial ruins? Guess Trump did not do anything for them in the last 3+ years… I hope they realize it before it’s too late

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