Setup An Amazon Alexa With A Mac Computer Explained


Setup An Amazon Alexa With A Mac Computer Explained
I will show you have to setup an amazo alexa with a computer with wifi

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  1. Tech Steve says

    A few people have been asking me about making this video, I hope it helps you get your alexa up and running..

  2. Donnie Lockett says

    Thanks Tech Steve!

  3. Xu Seixas says

    Very good!!!!

  4. Bill Zardus says

    Thanks again Steve. If my wife has already set up her Apple phone to manage our 4 echo deviceswould it be confusing or cause other problems if I set up a second account to control the same devices on my Android phone ?WRZ 2020-06-20Delaware County, PAmetro-Philadelphia

  5. Donna Upton says

    I don't even know how to find WIFI settings on my computer. I have it set to my personal WIFI but now it's saying I need to see amazon

  6. RockShow_Gamer says

    lol when my browser says its not secure i know a error is going to happenbut it does work thx so much!

  7. Thomas Haughey says

    Nice one Steve absolute legend

  8. Mark Mathosian says

    Can you simply use it as a speaker for a desktop Mac just like a regular speaker? Thanks, Mark

  9. Walfrido Lopez says


  10. rajesh rathore says

    nice very helpfull video thanka

  11. Felipe Pupe says

    Thanks a lot! Great video!

  12. Louis Fernand says

    Thank you very much for the help Tech Steve!

  13. Florence Sam says

    Thank you.

  14. Denise Rendon says

    Can I use my echo dot as a speaker on my MacBook ???Edit: if I seem dumb for asking this then welp… 😅

  15. Shelly Diane Nova Scotia says

    can't seem to get my music from macbook air to play on my alexa dot 3rd gen….could it be that I have alexa show as well?

  16. OriginalBj says

    Nvm I found how to do it.All I had to do is go to spotify and press connect to device and click echo then boom! Thats how you do it mac

  17. Elsa Knight Sohma says

    This helped so much. thank you. i kept trying to find a video of someone doing it on a computer or laptop and not a phone (my phone isn't up to date for the app) so had to use my laptop and it finally worked. thank you so much for the video

  18. Miss Ava says

    my iPhone can be used on Alexa, however my MacBook Air 2019 isn't working to use my school dot as a speaker. This didn't work for me.

  19. june 0connell says

    Hi. I am a 77 year old lady .I have an Acer Laptop but watched your film but I just can not seem to grasp how it all works ,My age I think . i dont have anybody who can help me I live if the UK ,Thanks for listening to me June

  20. Cindy Udhardt says

    WOW! I love this. Thank you so much. I do have a question. I live in Germany and somehow my eco went strait to German Language. I am having treble trying to change it. Do I have to do the hole process again? I am on a mac pc. Thank you. Have a great day.

  21. nita reddy says

    Thank you so much! I can actually use my echo now….

  22. David Ross says

    This video was so helpful as our smart phones do not support the Alexa App. Thank you.

  23. Jan Lloyd Santos says


  24. ian zamora says

    this video helped me a lot

  25. Really? says

    Thank you for the video. I followed you advice and It worked like a charm. Now if I can just find a way to link my iMac.

  26. George Smart says

    Thanks, Steve. A straight forward set-up video finally!

  27. Bonnie Fagan says

    I like your video but the app I download doesn't work like yours. It wants me to connect to Wi-Fi before going further. I tried everything. Website: gives error no such page. HELP PLEASE

  28. TheRushfx says

    doesnt plat the audio from pc though

  29. timon raccoon says

    but what if i only want it as a speaker for my computer?

  30. margie molnick says

    Hi Steve. Can't change the sound for the alarm on the computer. I have followed instructions and it remains in the default.

  31. Gianluca Pasquini says

    Thanks for the video! Is it possible to link all the sounds of the comuter to Alexa?

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