1. Shaun Rambaran says

    Man. I forgot how cool computers were.

    I'm a bit too young to remember trackballs, but I do remember that time when the Internet was new and exciting, and when making webpages made one feel like a god!

    How did I forgot that? Thanks for posting! (I hope Sesame Street doesn't make you delete it.)

    I need to save this video to my favourites to remind myself every now and again.

  2. Derek T says

    Remember this back in the days. Gotta love floppy disks, the USB's of the 90's.

  3. Thomas Walder says

    Love this song. The shear enthusiasm for computers is still fun, even though most of what they talk about has really aged.

    These kids must be about 30 now, if not more.

  4. Jessica Tuepker says

    Makes me think of this deleted Zootopia scene where Judy Hopps is using a computer intended for an elephant police officer.

  5. Newburyport Troubadour says

    The video was shot at the Computer Museum in Boston, which closed its doors in 1999. I went there a few times as a kid. Great place. 

  6. verkaforever says

    I remember seeing this as a kid, and wishing I could dance on the keyboard of my computer.

  7. Gabriella Lasagne says

    Only cool kids use their feet on the keyboard.

  8. shleymo says

    Whoaaa!!! Thanks for posting!!

  9. realar says


  10. QuakeProductions says

    I have a few… collectors items 😛

  11. QuakeProductions says

    brings back memories… but 'computing with our feet'? Really?

  12. Danielle Dixon says

    This is seriously retro….does anyone still have an old computer like that one?

  13. Danielle Dixon says

    Lol…actually the huge one that they're walking around on was custom-made.

  14. Danny Zeff says

    The fact those kids could climb around on the keyboard…. THOSE COMPUTERS MUST HAVE BEEN HUGE BACK THEN!

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