Senegal v Portugal [Highlights] – FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Paraguay 2019™


Portugal came from behind to beat Senegal 4-2 and qualify for the semi-finals of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Paraguay 2019.

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  1. Remi Shehab says

    Senegalese keeper was solid. Unlucky but, well done.

  2. Elmin Dzheniev says

    Da po

  3. davut alan says

    Always africa

  4. Kelly Santos says

    Portugal Favorito.

  5. miguel perez says

    Brasil y Portugal un ejemplo de Hijo y Padre, en la independencia de Brasil no se derramó una sola gota de sangre, que civilizados fueron los portugueses

  6. MOUHAMADOU says

    Di curazze

  7. Дарья Чубарова says

    Congratulations to Portugal from Russia.

  8. Ibrahima Mboup says

    Du courage les gars

  9. Ciber Master says

    Que horrores cometen estos equipos africanos

  10. Mame Mor says


  11. prod rmx says

    Alioune cissé khamoul touss

  12. awa gueye says

    Du courage les lions😍

  13. Chris Morales says


  14. まいやん says


  15. Elavarasan Lakshmi says

    Only for CR7 Portugal

  16. Mike el Galho says

    Respect Senegal 💪

  17. Hiếu Nguyễn Thị says


  18. Ivanhoe Sanchez says


  19. DIOP Djiby says


  20. Rhadachy Wakiyama says

    Estarei torcendo por Portugal rumo ao tri campeão

  21. Luiz Fernando says

    Com Brasil fora da disputa vou torcer por nossos irmãos de Portugal

  22. gorou mame Faty says

    Oh mais di na bakh

  23. jair sales says

    Com o Brasil fora vou de Portugal

  24. Birame ngom says

    Jajeuf lions

  25. TIREUR D'ÉLITE says

    Chaque compétition nous finirons en crd de finale c'est quoi nos problèmes sports?

  26. Abdou Ba says

    Senegal 😭😭😭

  27. Esther Kolleh says


  28. Ivann Zavala says

    Go Senegal 🇸🇳

  29. Fábio Reis says

    Senegal perdeu mais o time joga na raça e esse goleiro é muito bom

  30. H G says

    O goleiro de Senegal é incrivel |The Senegal goalkeeper is incredible

  31. Chris Oghenetega Maloney says

    Senegalese down fall was that own goal but well done boys

  32. its me says

    Vamos Portugal 🇵🇹🇵🇹

  33. Hamid SIBY says

    SENEGAL 🇸🇳🦁

  34. Chris Oghenetega Maloney says


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