1. Gomito10 says

    When will be available to download in Latin America?

  2. ERICH SEN says

    when this will be released ?

  3. Rahul k says

    When this feature and ecg feature will be released samsung ????

  4. Renan says

    how does it work ?

  5. Taufiq AR says

    What a waste of money. They didn't even release ECG.

  6. 뻐끔0 0 says

    ….? Where..did Korean go…Why there is no Korean comments..

  7. Frosty says

    For everyone waiting on the two features that samsung promised – ecg and bp – see the link https://news.samsung.com/global/electrocardiogram-monitoring-cleared-for-galaxy-watch-active2-by-south-koreas-ministry-of-food-and-drug-safety

  8. Amel Desain says

    can i use this feature while i use iphone?

  9. SerjioMr says

    It's a fake.

  10. Alexis. says

    Love Samsung ❤❤

  11. Just Me says

    Can someone tell me the name of this watch? Is it and upcoming watch or is being released?

  12. holio says

    Ok idiots where is the download link

  13. Светислав Миличевић says

    Why do I need the watch? Will it work on my S9+ that has the BP capable sensor on the back?

  14. Apaar Josan says

    Hahaha if you need the cuff to recalibrate the watch for blood pressure readings maybe when (if) the ecg is launched you would need the actual ecg machine to recalibrate that too 🤣

  15. Apaar Josan says

    Not buying anything from samsung until its actually a thing and is ready to use.They promised ECG on the same watch last year which never got launched.

  16. Pedro Oliveira says

    And still it cant count my steps in pokemon go…

  17. Wutikorn Ratanapan says

    Why do I need Galaxy phone for this?“1 Requires Galaxy smartphone, running Android N OS or above and Galaxy Watch Active2 or upcoming Galaxy Watch device(s) to be paired.”https://news.samsung.com/global/samsung-announces-blood-pressure-monitoring-application-for-galaxy-watch-devices

  18. Maximushornet says

    No way that's accurate

  19. Alexandru Carjan says

    So basically its usless since you already put the other thing on and start measuring with that

  20. Bình Thuận Trần says

    I am vietnamese. Please add Vietnamese into your keyboard on Galaxy active 2.

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