Sample IELTS Part 2 Answer: Describe a Person in the News


Today you’ll hear a sample IELTS Part 2 answer about a person in the news whom I would like to meet.

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In the last video, we talked about the types of IELTS Speaking Part 2 questions that require you to use your imagination.

This is one of those instances! This topic card can be quite challenging for students on exam day, so you should watch this video a few times.

Take notes on how I organize my answer, interesting idioms/vocabulary words that I use, and then try to answer the question yourself.

Regardless of how well you know or do not know the person you are describing, you should still follow our ‘describing a person strategy’: Talk about:

Story about that person

The story could be describing, in detail, how you would like to meet this person.

You could talk about where you’d go, what you’d do there, why you would take this person there, etc.

When brainstorming details, you can think of the question words (who, what, when, where, why, how) to help you come up with specific ideas.

In my sample answer, I talk about Terry Gross, the host of the NPR program Fresh Air.

As I say in my sample answer, although she’s not in the headlines, per say, she does help make the news by interviewing important and fascinating people.

In my answer, I talk for a little more than 2 minutes. On the real exam, you want the examiner to have to stop you at 2 minutes, so it shows that you could keep talking. This is fluency!

Now, it’s your turn to practice!

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