1. Ranga J says

    Sup if u love Rugby vids checkout Ranga J for a banter Rugby match vid

  2. Francisco Mendonça says


  3. excitationz says

    the only nation on the planet that takes gridiron football seriously is the one nation that actually thinks IT IS the ONLY nation on this planet – funny that.
    Rugby is by far more interesting then gridiron, which is so painfully slow to watch, I respect the game of football, but as entertainment it's all typical American hype and over the top media exposure – the game is d u l l . . .

  4. Euanmc21 says

    this game was terrible

  5. Jraybay says

    lol , wannabe "football sport? Call it rugby, it's not hard and rugby came along before "american football" American football evolved from RUGBY, you moron. Could you not see the similarities?

    and Ray lewis – Demarcus ware couldn't keep up with 99% of these guys… What kind of jerk off writes something like this '4 weeks ago? '

  6. Mike Flo says

    Madden is better, ray lewis and demarcus ware can dominate this so called wanna be football sport

  7. T90ShottIVFg says

    dude you got stop kicking the ball so much

  8. Cool Coyote says

    its terrible and just as bad as this shit

  9. Cool Coyote says

    dont worry iv played (made myself play) rugby challenge game its just as awful as this ingfact i think this is better, the cameras are bad th players slow as gameplay laboured just like this game, controls r hideous, im glad i just downloaded it and not bought th pc game, i think il go back to jonah lomu rugby ps1 game on PSXFIN emulator these games are so bad.

  10. George Banana says

    x i think

  11. 187sports says

    @patrick199439 nah too many glitches and bugs

  12. Ben Crowley says

    the crowd reaction sounds like kida at a birthday party!!!!!hahaha

  13. TypeR98 says

    @dancemusic23 ok well im a rugby league fan but the player right at the back that gets the ball can box kick and u can do a box kick while running aswell im not that good on the union positions yet lol

  14. TypeR98 says

    @dancemusic23 TRYANGLE

  15. Cian Enright says

    this is the shitest game ever invented

  16. FUNKY BACON says

    Wow. I really wanted to compare for myself the two games.

  17. 187sports says

    @mammoth157 There was no demo for Rugby CHallenge, I guess the glitches and bugs were too much, even after the release they still weren't fixed. I am guessing the deadline was set too soon.

  18. FUNKY BACON says

    Thanks for making this video. Good to see the Cup demo. Where do you get the demo for Rugby Challenge.

  19. SenZ Snipez says

    I just beat new Zealand 110. 16

  20. Winneris1 says

    rugby challenge would be good if it were better .

  21. nathanawyzio says

    You're disgraceful at this game. I've played one game and I'm way better than you

  22. andwhat22 says

    this is the demo

  23. bizkitZA says

    ill rather wait another 4 years before ill buy this.
    All the rugby games that are out "2" are stupid and poorly made.

  24. Matt Broad says

    shit gameplay, shit game. Stop kicking the ball!!!!!

  25. modeltrainteen95 says

    @187prettyboy u are right and the jerseys lol
    challenge some are stuffed up

    the gameplay looks dodgy in this but
    n challenge has more competitions

  26. 187sports says

    @modeltrainteen95 I been playing Rugby Challenge, there is so many glitches, there is a glitch every 30 seconds. Players just run through each other like ghosts, and the ball drops suddenly, when it goes out. Rugby challenge has some great ideas and features, but the execution and programming was very poor.

  27. modeltrainteen95 says

    rugby challenge people ownage this game is shit besides the offical rugby world cup 2011 wow

    thats what the tv is for

  28. modeltrainteen95 says

    more commentry, and the jersey are correct unlike challenge

    i have challenge i am trying to get completion of 50 online games
    ps3 add me Schooner1995

  29. Dijurikeit? says

    I cried when the demo ended at half time ;__;

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