– Thick crust – Veggie loaded , Cheese -Paneer Pizza..!!!YES we’ve got the perfect healthy pizza recipe to please your taste buds…!
– Whole bunch of nutrition coming from the base itself..! JOWAR……!
– Jowar being gluten-free grain has antioxidants to reduce the oxidative stress & lower the risk of chronic disease.
– Properties to reduce both inflammation & blood sugar.
– Exotic veggies only adds to the fibre, antioxidants and vitamin load
whereas right amount of grated Cheese & Paneer adds to the protein….

1. In a medium hot pan, put oil,onion capsicum,tomato, sautee for a while and add salt, tomato ketchup, oregano,chilli flakes & mix well
2. In the same pan, put oil, long cut all coloured capsicum, baby corn, salt, black pepper and don’t overcook.
3. Make a soft dough out of jowar flour, curd & salt in it.
4. Make round shaped roti and cook both sides.
5. In the pan itself, reduce the flame & put 1st cooked masala, then 2nd layer of sautéed vegetables, 3rd: Grate cheese over half pizza & paneer over other half.
6. Cover until it melts & pizza roti becomes crisp. Serve hot

To know more health benefits of Dal Khichadi Thepla…

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