1. benfunnyboyhero says

    @jasonhammermellet u know the new on which is white handel is that a upgraded versian one

  2. Ruchika says

    what is the weight of the bat

  3. adeel ayaz says

    you guys have a facebook page.

  4. muj says

    how thick is the edge in cm

  5. Knees says

    Nice work, Jason. I certainly do get a better idea watching these videos although it'd be great if you could also give us some idea of the profile of a bat for exactly how low or high the swell sits by holding it side-on. Would help a lot.
    ps. any clearance sales on older GM models like Purist, Duellist, Maxi, Canon, etc?? 😛

  6. toby baj says

    thanks mate great reviews!

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