Rich Eisen Reacts to Criticism of Dak Prescott’s Mental Health Openness | The Rich Eisen Show


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  1. Stephen B. Smith says

    A real man doesn’t talk about his emotions or feelings. A real man is a provider he shows strengths and he overcomes. He is the support for his woman and his kids. The current generation has turned men into women. Skip Bayless is absolutely right.

  2. jeremy x says

    Excellente Rich Eisen sir…..I tip my hat to you😔

  3. Robert McIntosh says

    I'm fighting with it now and it's no joke and shouldn't be used for a blip for ratings.

  4. Marcin Kiersnowski says

    Vulnerability is courage.

  5. AiCDragon says

    Calm down dude. No ones siding w Bayless. Everyones taking him to task. The majority are praising Prescott. Then ya call in… Eisens lettin u talk yet yer wonxefing if hes there because hes letting u go uninterupted… then he starts to reply and you start cutting him off.

  6. Raphael Rau says

    Well said Rich! He exposes what Skip and Fox are!

  7. ROBO GREEK says

    who would of thunk back in 2016 that bayless would be fired over harsh critiscism of serious subject matter involving DAK PRESCOTT

  8. Brooks Orlando says

    What Skip said came off as sociopathic..I understand he's the leader of Cowboys. Duh. But his brother just shot himself in the head and he lost his mom to cancer. I'd be concerned if he wasn't grieving. He's a young guy in his 20s dealing with heavy stuff. If you can't have a level of empathy and compassion for Dak then your just not a good human being

  9. Nicholas Francoletti says

    I honestly wouldn't be surprised if Skip Bayless ends up like Don Cherry and does his own podcasts for the remainder of his career.

  10. Alex Villanueva says

    Skip Bayless is a sick, sick man!!

  11. Jeff Flank says

    Skip is a Dick. What he said was stupid.Dak is a role model and a hero.

  12. TJ Mitchell says

    You can’t dismiss his comments as not meaningful. Like the caller says, it literally takes 1 thing to tip someone over the edge. It can be the most trivial thing ever. When Skip said that a leader can not be anxious or have depression that may tell a depressed person that even if they get into the top of society, they will never be accepted. They will always be weak. It matters.

  13. D D says

    Skip is a pathetic boomer. Fact is toxic masculinity is a plague in our country. It leads to domestic abuse,lack of sympathy, aversion to learning or intellectualism. I have been fortunate to live around the world the last 30 years and it’s a factor only in the developing world and the USA. We just haven’t advanced socially.

  14. Bait Hucker says

    Thank you Mr. Eisen. My respect and thanks to you. For taking the time to care, and to express it publicly.

  15. Tim Naughton says

    This is why Rich is the man and Bayless is a piece of 💩

  16. Spider-Dan says

    It's the biggest strength to admit these things 💪 How hard is it for so many of us to open up about anything.

  17. DropZone33 says

    Skip Bayless contract with FS1 expires at the end of September, there's know better time but now to get rid of this repugnant human being.

  18. Joe Bolton says

    It's sad that he clearly has to hold back what he wants to say to keep his job (rich)

  19. Ed Wagemann says

    Everybody hurts – just because you are a celebrity that doesn’t make your hurt any worse than everybody elses

  20. Roeland Meijer says

    Skip Bayless is an abhorent human. I commend Dak Prescott and other athletes to open up about mental health and the struggles that come with it. Reach out, talk about it and try to seek help. YOU'RE NOT WEAK!!

  21. The Pack Attack says

    the caller is a karen

  22. Lee Orr Neuman says

    fs1 should take a hard look at how they go about their business. click are not everything in this world

  23. Vincent Greenwood says

    It takes a very strong man or woman to admit they have a problem not a weak person

  24. P Pumpkin says

    Dak and his handlers do themselves no good by asking for more money than he's worth, it's only a set up for disappointment.

  25. Adam Ramsden says

    Shut that caller up

  26. dota running wild says

    I don’t see what was so wrong. If everyone is allowed to share why can people trash skip.

  27. JEFE DE JEFES says

    Fire skip!!!!!!

  28. Alexander Marquardt says

    I dont like "suicide survivor" a suicide attempte wasnt done to him, he did it to himself and I really dont think this is something anyone should be praised for (I get it, he is praised cause he isnt trying to of himself anymore). That whole idea that people should be applauded cause they are NOT killing themself is bullshit. They shouldnt be shamed for it, but it isnt an accomplishment.I also think its completly valid to say: "if you show weakness, it will be picked up and used against you" I disagree with: saying it out loud is a problem. Saying it out loud is the opposite of a problem, UV light is the best desinfectend, as soon as everyone knows "depression" isnt a stigma anymore, but the fact remains: it is weaker than not beein depressed.

  29. Playmakersc12 K says

    I’m typically fine with skip – and I love Shannon sharpe But I think this is his worse take yet – and that is saying a lot because he’s said some strange things and taken some strange stances

  30. STJ says

    Does rich have beef with skip clueless?

  31. Zoggosh says

    skip bayless is the human personification of "all press is good press." glad we have guys like you rich to even things out.

  32. reginaldino enchillada says

    As soon as I saw the clip and how shannon was speaking very carefully I knu skip was going to say something stupid.

  33. Lil Chappa says

    Skip did NOTHING wrong. Maybe of people that share this dudes opinion would listen to EVERYTHING Skip said that wouldn’t be so pissed.

  34. Lil Chappa says

    “Suicide attempt survivor” sounds like a joke but I suppose when it truly applies its not. But its the wrong term, “I almost killed my self and stopped last second” is a better term.

  35. Rich G says

    Bayless, Jason Whitlock and sometimes Cowherd use their hot takes to get clicks and $$$. But we have the power to contact advertisers to let them know that these people need to be off the airwaves. Whitlock is gone and “Speak for Yourself” is a much better watch now with Acho and Wiley.

  36. harold floyd says

    Maybe this will end Skip’s career, which would be okay since he really doesn’t have much to say of any importance.

  37. G P says

    Skip Brainless came off as a total jerk

  38. Allen Fepuleai says

    Damien Lillard said Skip cried over the phone to him and said that he struggles with depression. But here Skip is belittling Dak. Suspend Skip

  39. Memo Wesso says

    I couldn't agree with Rich more, to think that someone opens up about something that causes so many people to end their life is a sign of weakness is antiquated, Skip is an a$$hole, piece of trash, I've always thought nothing of him.

  40. Chris Evans says

    Bayless is not welcome in my house anymore.

  41. Philippe Grondin says

    Skip is wrong because Dak is super strong (he's proven it over his entire lifetime) and him having a dark moment doesn't nullify Dak's strength but can we not vilify Skip for not agreeing with the majority? We are very quick to vilify people today but no Skip's one different opinion will not kill people because there are a million voices that disagree with Skip and are very vocal. If you choose to listen to Skip and ignore everyone else you need to accept some responsibility for that choice. Society should not get rid of free thought and speech for someone who can't handle 1/1million different opinion. If we fire Skip over this, what kind of message does that send for differing opinions? Is that good for society that we scare people into never disagreeing with the majority? Nope and hell nope. Skip didn't even say Dak is weak he said some people might view it as weak and might shake their confidence in him (that could happen btw, but probably not because those close to him know how strong Dak is and it is tougher to talk about it than not–Something Skip says). I agree with Shannon's take way more than skip but we as a society need to stop thinking that people that disagree with the majority are evil. i would just say i disagree with Skip's take. Period. I actually admire Skip for knowingly disagreeing with the majority and voicing his opinion. That almost never happens these days. I disagree with Skip 1000% by the way but i like shows where we tolerate healthy debate and respect someone while not agreeing with them. I edited the grammar mistakes by the way. That's it. I know i will get slammed for my opinion of protecting the right to be wrong in a discussion. Perfection isn't perfection if you kill off imperfections. Firing Skip over this (which i bet will happen) is killing imperfections. I hope Fox news is better than the moral mob and proves me wrong.

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