RGE vs. G2 | Semifinals Game 5 | LEC Summer Split | Rogue vs. G2 Esports (2020)


VoD of Rogue vs. G2 Esports (Game 5)
LEC Summer Semifinals 2020 #LEC

Casters: Quickshot, Ender, Vedius
Interview: Laure Valée with Mikyx

Full Line up:
Rogue Line up:
• Finn – Top Aatrox
• Inspired – Jungle Lillia
• Larssen – Mid Akali
• Hans Sama – ADC Draven
• VandeR – Support Nautilus

G2 Esports Line up:
• Wunder – Top Shen
• Jankos – Jungle Hecarim
• Caps – Mid Syndra
• Perkz – ADC Senna
• Mikyx – Support Thresh

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  1. yo says

    top dif

  2. Tridux says

    Pick/Ban: 1:07Game start: 6:50:>

  3. Efthymios N says

    finn toxic af

  4. Keen Observer says

    That moment when you find out that all of the LEC songs are on Spotify :') I'm so proud of these guys!!

  5. Estevao Cornely says

    Esses cara ficam jogando e não arrumam a luz daqui de casa

  6. Krittawat chawaldit says

    Rogue did well they are pretty much as good as G2, the serie literally came down to a 50/50 smite fight.

  7. Macias192 says

    g2 is kozak kurwa

  8. Saidi says

    bahahaaa that track at 52:37 – if they pitched that voice down a bit the rap would be legit.

  9. Pokey Clawz says

    Draven was a great pick into senna, finn just really dropped the ball this game

  10. Nepnep Mo says


  11. Lee piSin says

    lec memebers : its the rise of new rookies midlanerscaps syndra : hold my balls …

  12. ThESPartaN says

    everytime i look at G2 cams they are laughing besides thhe guy that always laughs (jankos ) they are just trolling lmao

  13. julz kbt says

    And again its the old brothers battle

  14. Bubi says

    What is that thresh skin??

  15. Bambii says

    at 49:14 the picture and picture shows perks killing vander before it happens on screen in real time. confused me and also quickshot

  16. mall78 says

    40:19 this Perkz move which interrupted shen ult almost cost this game

  17. Habeev07 says


  18. Mohamed Sabry says

    GG report aatrox

  19. Ezopp says

    Finn coming thru with that Hashinshin top technology

  20. newbasik says

    36:27 emmm why Caps in front? where is hecarim with shen ult? what a throw!!!!

  21. Habeev07 says

    Finn MAYBE PLAY ILLAOI or an actual tank. ILLAOI would have absorbed and turn fights around. If you want your team to do well at worlds. PLAY #WEIRDCHAMPS LIKE ILLAOI!

  22. iSa Ach says

    Finn should have played Ornn, even Kled is good. Aatrox is worthless in the current patch and nerfed to hell.

  23. newbasik says

    is Finn someones nephew or something that has no purpose in life? What is he doing in pro team?

  24. klaus2guck2raus says

    Clutch fight, clutch engage, clutch draft, clutch game, clutch champ ,clutch this, clutch that, clutch clucht…. I really cant wait for this word to die again. Its so annoying for this otherwise awesome casting. I know that eSports has its own language but holy moly please relax a bit more!

  25. Mystery Loves Company says

    Tbh im kinda hoping for rogue xD

  26. Toomas says

    Top diff.

  27. wilk 28 says

    Aatrox 2020 kekw

  28. mvChyC says

    Jankos did some mistakes over those 5 matches, but flucking here – drake and than perfect nashor! :DGratz mate, thats was wonderfulllllll 😀

  29. Amal Dev says

    Claps Leblanc, caps synda, craps irelia 🙂

  30. Alex AnEKInO says

    Song at 52.25 ?

  31. MC Midgank says

    Wunder in game 5. Well ended ! &Wp to #Rogue squad !

  32. james horsley says

    its so obvious g2 deliberatley made it 5 game series for the fans… like its mind boggling how other people dont see this

  33. Taburnoy Sintido says

    wtf g2 is laughing all series long

  34. Andrii Panfilov says

    Fails fiesta, what a game, aatrox can’t last hit creeps… and this is called “pro league”. 🙃

  35. Michael Morales says

    (8) Oh Oh Oh Uhh Uh uh (8)

  36. 332nik says

    13:32 a psycho smile

  37. Danger Dude says

    NGL casters were sucking Hansama's dick early game. Bot was just even, maybe a tiny tiny advantage to G2, so they can't really say its a wining lane.

  38. Mike Di Mike says

    Ok so g2 will win fnc bcz its fake and set up…

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