"Record COVID-19 cases reported as infections rise in all 50 states"



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  1. TMF Studios says

    Horrific atrocious DD @ 3:20

  2. papaschuette says

    1:02 Lined up for tests, but not "socially distanced".
    3:19 Wannabe actress and mom can barely keep from smiling. Stay on script now.
    It's the middle of November. People get sick from the regular flu at this time of year.
    Where is the map for the regular flu cases? Oh yeah, Covid kills the regular flu as well.

  3. V Dzemionas says

    What reality have I woken up to?! Shaking my fucking head. There was a time when I was a kid/teen and mainstream news like this really attached itself to me and became a part of my paradigm… if not created it. But now, I even giggled a couple times throughout this video, like what the actual fuck is going on? Do people sit and watch this shit and believe this? I thought this was a a god damn parody…a comedy skit of some sort…
    It is a blessing and sure as hell a curse to wake up to the truth about our reality and realm here on earth. That's all I have to say for now…still chuckling as I write this…lol, like what the actual fuck is going on

  4. chris paul says

    if anyone has links to obits in newspapers of covid deaths, please insert in this thread.
    I looked at the seattle times and couldnt find a single covid death over many weeks of deaths.

    it's all orchestrated fear porn, seen it for years from 9/11, Hook, Marathon, U name it.

  5. AL JORDAN says

    What a bunch of bullshit!!!

  6. ClownWorld2020 says

    imagine selling your country and soul to the new world order. These people will suffer in hell and i will take pleasure in knowing that.

  7. Michael John says

    It's a backdoor martial law…

  8. nobody important except on Tuesdays says

    1:34 All 50 states seeing a ride in corona virus cases according to CBS news analysis. I guess its extra dangerous since its according to CBS.

  9. Moms Against Medical Bullying says

    Surging..explode…raging… Lol. All they have to do is color a map ..hey all red ..maybe that's a sign trump will win lol

  10. Algo Rhythm says

    "Major Garrett" what a douche…..

  11. Zene says

    My hospital is empty.. remember #recordyourhospital

  12. Sherry Langford says

    Freemason Satanic Cult fake virus.
    The only virus there is..is "THE LYING VIRUS "

  13. John Hall says

    Those 2 girls are Dave SGOH cousins at 3:20 mark

  14. John Hall says

    Fraud against the people. PCR test is BS its Not accurate. All CV XAOH numbers are BS

  15. John Lemon & The Sourtones says

    Brilliant piece of propaganda… I love how short snippets were taken completely out of context and woven together to construct a narrative without any actual evidence whatsoever…
    Wow … very impressive!

  16. elizabeth brehm says

    Looks like the girls almost started laughing …news is100% propaganda … why can’t people wake up and realize they are just collecting dna with these tests and why don’t people stop. It’s unbelievable

  17. staffan144 says

    Horrible…. with all those positive tests. Bare a soul is sick or dying. How dumb r people? Very

  18. Madlyn says

    Well of course, we all know they are getting us ready for the forced vaccine. It's the perfect scenario!

  19. Eaglette says

    The RED states are TRUMP winning states, not COVID increases. Finally the news is showing the real news. THERE IS NO INCREASE IN COVID THAT CANNOT BE TREATED WITH HCQ

  20. RAH ZEN says

    The Red Internationalist Globalist Communist Marxist Tribe. The Technocraric 4th Industrial Enslavment is what C19 is really about. Agenda 21/2030, Global Reset/Green Reset, Building Back Better, They're in this Together, LOCK STEP…

  21. NancyRedStar-StarAncestorsFilm says


  22. Chimpazilla says

    “Ella” Winston… the evil ones loooooove their “EL” names.

  23. WalkInTruth says

    Stop testing now. It is not testing the virus. It is causing panic and is not science.

  24. Sprite 2020 says

    Wow! Its rising EVERYWHERE, not covid…..stupidity.

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