1. castro8021 says

    Simple and better than most I’ve seen on YouTube. Except for “range of expressivity” she stayed on point and away from using unnecessary jargon common to professors who thrive on grandstanding even with the simplest of concepts.

  2. Free Vpn & Proxy says

    ALWAYS THE PERFECT WAY TO EXPLAIN THINGS IN A VERY SIMPLE WAY.&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

  3. Maninder Singh Bhagat says

    Its very informative for us ..mam

  4. wpw says

    Watched the Khan video, watched the EEVblog video, built Forrest Mims' single-supply amplifier, and capped it off with this solid recap.Sounds like a perfect way to sample a very small signal without perturbing it.

  5. Real Axis says


  6. Allena Gilbert says

    It would be really helpful oif MIT OCW could provide the video lessons of the Int(roduction to Electric Power Systems 6.061 / 6.690) and (Electric Machines 6.685)

  7. RT iw says

    Awesome writing skill i 💖 dht

  8. Engr Tonmoy Sarker says


  9. Najim MOUADILI says


  10. Dave Yen says

    1:30 "The op amp does not actually provide 5V to lightbulb because the lightbulb acts as a resistor,… thus you will have less voltage than you desire" thank you very much!!!! That alone allows everything to make sense!

  11. thatblissdestroy says

    Really good little lecture. I was totally thrown by watching a leftie write a R, messed with my head a little.

  12. Pankaj Bhandari says

    Thank you so much MIT

  13. Laercio Honorato says

    Thank You !!!

  14. 321reh says

    What an Outstanding Explanation of a Topic I was rather Weak at,,,Thanks So Much Kendra!!!!!

  15. Modded Gaming says

    you nailed it!

  16. Vitor Simoes says

    Thank you Kendra Pugh! i've been trying to learn this for weeks and you nailed it!

  17. branjangan kidneh says

    clear explanation and simple

  18. O Tineo says

    Thank You!!

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