Real Racing 3. Formula 1®. Season 2


It’s time to celebrate 70 Years of Formula 1® as an all-new season launches in Real Racing 3! The pinnacle of motorsport returns with all new cars, drivers and events as well as new remixed music tracks by artists from Dim Mak Records.

Real Racing 3 is available on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store:

Ryan Kurt & EA Games Soundtrack “Further [Corrupt (UK)’s Real Racing 3 Remix]”

  1. Zuch Ocampo says

    If the creator hears this make a indycar update there would be 13 indycars because we need some the extra 4 would be for editing pourposes it should be the same pr to the real indycar's when its fully upgraded

  2. Jiovanni Gilbert says

    I can’t wait to play this new update

  3. 3ray KORKMAZ says

    Turkey Grand Prix te gelsin

  4. Homilzio Trovoada Santos says


  5. Les dessins de Jul says

    I love this game

  6. Clement G says

    Damn have to download all the content each times I open the game

  7. App1e 'o' says

    F1 in Real Racing 3 is very bad!

  8. Danmy Ureña says

    real racing 3 not starting

  9. Saleh Alkathiri says


  10. ugetridofit says

    Stupid intro for a game. Show more of how its like playing it that silly images of the cars.

  11. indoraptor corredor ganador says

    please could you also have a "real grand prix" live us event with pit stop and laps of each circuit.

  12. •ZyperCraftPlayz• says

    The graphics are so very realistic… But It Is Most Realistic If You Will Add Pit Stop With Pit Crews. Thank You.

  13. Eduardo Felipe says

  14. Zuch Ocampo says

    If real racing hears this make a mercedes project 1 update it would be customizable

  15. Reymark Olarte says

    When release. The koinegseg gemera update pls

  16. miguel Robles romano says

    En verdad q es unico este juego pero deberian agregar alguna forma mas sencilla de como ganar monedas se hace miy dificil ganar los torneos , deberian cambiar el Rs por oro

  17. Its Siddartha says

    They just killed codemasters

  18. IrishNZ _ says

    So i finally get to drive my f1 cars on spa and now i dont know how to upgrade the thing? How the fuck do you upgrade these f1 cars?

  19. Josias Games says

    Cheguei para aprender

  20. Neng Moua says

    I have this game

  21. ZahOne 01 says

    Pls anyone help me, i can't login to facebook on my ipad, it just click resume as 'username' button, and then it shows "please close the tab" when i click done but nothing happened. I'm tired trying login to facebook for a month, but nothing happened. Please i want to race multiplayer and weekly time trial reward 🙁

  22. Eduardo Felipe says


  23. ROMAN 007 says

    Amo real racing 3

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