RDC PLAYS THE MOST WILD GAMES OF AMONG US EVER ( Ft. Berleezy, LeanandCuisine, Shofu, and YourRage)



Berleezy- @berleezy
Lean- @LeanandCuisine
Shofu- @shofu
YourRage- @YourRAGE Gaming



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  1. Valkyrion19 says


  2. Ski Mask999 says

    It hurts to watch them play 😭😭😭

  3. TrayGaming/Reactions says

    56:23 no offense but John is stupid
    LMAO Lol🤣

  4. TrayGaming/Reactions says

    48:58 lean boy you ain't said nothing in 90 years boy wassup wet cyou😂

  5. Ydd Naz says

    That nigga John sales

  6. DreamySteezy says

    Why didnt Mark defend John and blame Aff?

  7. miyah says

    why y’all not playing Naruto storm 4

  8. Ross Hayes says

    Actually Jay said vote Desmond them Desmond said its not fair how do they get that mixed up lmao

  9. ProlloLucci says

    what was the song you played

  10. Pops says

    john is an professional seller

  11. XxNicNicxX says

    Mark laugh be sounding like that purple vampire nigga from Sesame Street that be counting lol

  12. Muhammed Eniodunmo says

    Everyone in the chat: “IT’S JOHN ITS JOHN”
    Chat 5 seconds later when it was Des: “OMG Mark you sorry af”

  13. Harim Ochaeta says

    what song is being played at the beginning?

  14. Mathew Nwuzor says

    Please everyone, trust in Jesus as your savior. If you don't think he's real, ask him to reveal himself to you and he will. He loves you and he's waiting for you.

  15. BigSauce says

    Man these niggas are really bad at this game but for some reason I enjoy watching them play still

  16. JalenFrm561 _ says

    Can some one tell me the anime song remix that just played

  17. Uno Juan says

    9:54 made me laugh too hard 😂

  18. Jehu T.J. Revolution Anims says

    Ben San.

    I see dat reference

  19. SunaBlast says

    the chat when john ruined the game 💀

  20. Ericx Bey says

    John really sold the shit outta that one round where Desmond swore up and down he saw berleezy kill someone then he happened to be innocent. How is that not the obvious vote lmao talking about imma just pick one at random

  21. ttecram says

    Why mark sound like he cappin even when he not the imposter

  22. Lord Izzy says

    Beat in the beginning: https://youtu.be/ZFcT0GN-dBM or look up fma beat. It's the first or second one.

  23. Tharanga Herath says

    John blamed Mark

  24. Financial Game says

    Lol what’s John on bro?

  25. D. Tö says

    Been waiting for y’all to do this for SOOO longgg

  26. anthony says


  27. Andrew Jones says

    Only the ogs know that was full metal alchemist the theme song

  28. Andrew Jones says

    Only the ogs know that was full

  29. SpiritualSeed_JahJah says
  30. Monal Phantom says

    John trash lol

  31. Steven Chouteau says

    You got the homie lean in here !💪🏾🔥🔥

  32. Vivanne T says

    Chat toxic af

  33. HRios 34 says

    Where dachie

  34. Wifelirious says

    Everybody backseat gaming with among us lmao

  35. Bee says

    John said "we was all there, ben" 😂😂😂😂😂👌🏽

  36. Jordan Upton says

    Wait but why someone say “Johns meatball headass”😂😂😂I can’t bro

  37. Dion Curtis Curtis says

    If ur not careful this game will ruin relationship

  38. Otoagua Uwagbai says

    40:27, the highlight of this stream, hahahaha. John is dumb for that last round though. Didn't even pay attention when Rage pretty much exposed the killer and John wasn't PAYING ATTENTION to Desmond's reaction of saying, "that's not fair". Come on John. Smarten up dude, seriously. Go watch Case Closed, Death Note(AGAIN), and the Kindaichi Case Files.

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