1. RatasEnVizcaya says

    lovely <3

  2. Octavio Bobadilla says

    Siento como si estuviera perdido en medio del espacio exterior.

  3. RedMarantha69 says

    Love it!!! This song is so dreamy.

  4. EazyElli says

    Aaaahh the wonderful nostalgia!!! ^_^

  5. jaime camarena says

    geniaaal estaaa roliiillaaaa chingoonaaaa 🙂 !!!!

  6. Nathan Berkley says

    Id leave this earth given the chance.

  7. Cole Newman says

    I always think of Radiohead as a modern Pink Floyd, two totally unique bands. Never hesitate to do something completely experimental.

  8. Cole Newman says

    Two amazing bands, I love The Doors as well.

  9. Sherif El-Zimaity says

    2 people are aliens.

  10. Sherif El-Zimaity says

    @ashleyblackxxx the whole album is amazing when ur high. even when sober. actually.. most radiohead songs are amazing when ur high. hehe

  11. jnotheman says

    Radioheads song composition reminds me a lot of Zeppelin. I love both bands so much. They both play a huge part in my life. And please, this is not something i say because i want to discuss who is the better band. That's impossible for anyone to decide.

    Fantastic song in a fantastic album <3

  12. nouoriel says

    Muse are a crowd of cunts compared to Pink Ployd or Radiohead, and a host of other quality bands….Muse? for fucks sake.

  13. RDE45 says

    This is definitely the song that most reminds me of Radiohead being compared with Pink Floyd. Amazing headphones song. Unbelievable space like sounds, puts my brain in orbit.

  14. royalnaz1 says

    I do all those to bethedeathofme

  15. royalnaz1 says

    definitely pink floyd influenced this

  16. Lake1771 says

    even again

  17. Jo Griffin says

    @frenzythechicken Muse are pretty awesome though. 🙂

  18. jimmyhayers says

    @murdered33 Not really modern day in music terms any more it's about 14 years old now haha! Fucking brilliant song though.

  19. sinead looby says

    modern day pink floyd………..

  20. sinead looby says

    modern day pink floyd………..

  21. Jozi T says

    I can't get enuff of this song, even today. These guys are great!

  22. Jozi T says

    Can't get enuff of this song! Love these guys.

  23. frusciante319 says

    @cody4326 now i really love this album actually. i now would call it one of the best albums ever made. my favorite radiohead album followed by the bends

  24. CLS says

    OK Computer = Classic

  25. SecondRook says


  26. maor malik says

    השיר הזה(המנגינה הזאת) הוא(היא) נעימת חיי

  27. maor malik says

    השיר הזה(בעיקר המנגינה) הוא(היא) מנגינת חיי

  28. Cody Pulliam says

    @frusciante319 You have a good point! Those bands did great things with music for their time and they deserve mad props for that.

  29. Chamo Love says

    One of the best albums ever made…!!!!!

  30. itsCindybietch says

    @InSearchOfForever Damn it's been that long already? Sheesh…

  31. Cody Pulliam says

    @frusciante319 They were the first of their kind!

  32. frusciante319 says

    @cody4326 that is very true however i must say that albums like sgt pepper and dark side have to be considered greater than many, if not all other albums

  33. Cody Pulliam says

    @frusciante319 because everything is a matter of opinion. The greatest album ever made does not exist.

  34. frusciante319 says

    honestly i think this is a good album but i dont think someone can say its one of the greatest albums ever made.

  35. ILAN2187 says

    one of the best ever

  36. Jakob Stelzner says

    @dazombia And I respect you for both voicing your opinion in a coherent manner, as well as carrying an opinion. So many people are unable to do what you just did.

  37. Jakob Stelzner says

    @dazombia Please, good sir, flesh out your arguments, as without details and only broad generalizations, I cannot respond appropriately. In any case, I accept your opinion, false as it may be, and would like to hear the rest of it, in order to better understand it.

  38. Joseph Chastain says


    It's great that you came around to recognize there awesomeness.

  39. BeTheDeathOfMe says

    Why thank you. Alcohol + youtube isn't a good combination.

  40. BeTheDeathOfMe says

    Hey kids. I'm drunk. I steal, mastubate and lie. Fucking hatte me.

  41. Troy211619 says

    @braino2000 Yeah, number one greatest song was Like A Rolling Stone by Bob Dylan and number 2 was Satisfaction by The Rolling Stones, even Bohemian Rhapsody was better than the two!

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