1. GAU-8 says

    Never raced, but I enjoy rainy days the BEST! As stated in the video, most tires, ( even from 20 years ago,) can handle most lean angles, that you do in the dry. The KEY, is time, and smoothness of input. Most prominent times, my tires lost grip, is because I chose it to, and wanted to drift out, in the wet. Very possible, very controllable. Just have to know your equipment, and input on the throttle, lean angle changes, and/ or braking. You can do it damn near the same speed/angle, just much slower input. Plus, it helps to embrace the rain. If you never ride in the wet, you won't know how to handle the wet, when you get caught in it. Everyday is a beautiful day to ride.

  2. Luftbubblan says

    I wouldn't have the balls to race in the rain. For some reason i never really have faith in the grip no matter the conditions(My guess is that it comes from riding in the dirt while growing up), would probably be a good exercise for me to push it a bit in the rain.

  3. notagoon695 says

    This is as comparable to a muddy dirt bike track

  4. Sumpeno Notoboto says

    I love riding in the rain because no one can see me crying.wait, that's not it

  5. TheMaloney says

    Good info if you’re new. If you’re doing track days and this is new, you should be concerned.

  6. BlueMoon says

    Sudden California.

  7. snipersgetmorehead11 says

    Great content man. Keep it up & you’ll blow up in no time!

  8. Catur lifelive says

    I hate hydroplaning. Btw, thanks for share this

  9. fayis vv says

    I'm a noob.super noob

  10. Pickels - Lord of the Brine says

    You know, I dont race bikes. hell, I have never rode on one. However, this is some cool stuff man! Learning a lot on something I don't know anything about. 🙂

  11. Lost Ones says

    My only 4 victories in D production class were in the rain. I loved it.

  12. Liam NIre says

    So, to sum up, this guy has the shittest accent in the world and constantly refers to his clubman "racing"……

  13. James Holt says

    I used to love putting it to the stop in the rain,the back end would brake loose and come around,especially through corners!!!Used to be so much fun!!

  14. R2 D says

    THE best outtro clip in any of your vids I've seen. Nicely cut to the music too😉Hella classay Mike on bikes🎩🍻

  15. Bala AravindS says

    👌🏼Perfectly explained with videos of it, love this!

  16. sagar seshadri says

    Man, I love all the information on your videos but because there’s so much information in every sentence that you speak, it kind of results in an information overload. You should just spend more explaining each points or else create different parts of one concept so it becomes less theoretical and more of something which viewers can use as practical lessons.

  17. NunyaBusiness says

    What about lines? In 4 wheel rain racing you avoid the normal line because the rubber from dry lapping gets into the asphalt and seals the surface. Is this still a problem for a motorcycle? I would imagine so.

  18. Simon Nagtegaal says


  19. Troy Center says

    You produce great videos!

  20. CDnBCn says

    The only way to get good at riding in the rain is to ride in the rain.. I'm not a sunny day only kind of person.. rain, shine go ride !! ✌️

  21. Daniel Falin says

    my favorite moto channel 🙂 thank you for all the great content !

  22. Idiot Incogneto says

    Sorry but you are just plain outright wrong about groves.

  23. Richard Poirier says

    Kill the music Mike ! Cant hear what your saying, and distracting…

  24. aati says

    I ride a 125 so I can go full throttle in every corner 😀

  25. Wolf Edmunds says

    Max Wrist, Max Wrist Black, Mike on Bike…🥱🥱😴😴😴

  26. Lifeisawheelie says

    I should have subscribed long ago. I think i have been subscribed, but i unsubbed from almost everyone 2 years ago and started over. You had me at there's always something to learn.I should have subscribed long ago. The last few videos of yours that yt has recommended to me have been…. Good! Really good. i wont elaborate on what in particular is good about your videos. By the look of them and from what i hear, you know what i want and why.It relates to this quote from a recent isle of man tt documentary:When you move fast, the world around you starts to blur
    And all that's left in focus, are undeniable truths
    maybe that's why those who live their lives at a breakneck pace, seem different
    liek they understand, something others don't.This flick from around 1:30 to 2:10 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMv0ETbbYdk

  27. J Tab says

    Between this guy and the french MOTO gp test rider you guys give some good Information on motorcycle and how everything works

  28. Tom675 says

    If you haven’t used proper rain tyres then you’ll never understand. They give you so much grip in the wet it’s insane

  29. William Hjärner says

    great video!

  30. MrMBSonic says

    Take Care about Car Traffic. Everytime Car divers See a Rider 'nearly falling down" they behave unlogical. 😁

  31. Vinod Rca says

    Yeah it's a risk to ride after 60kmph in rain. My max is 90, I m from Nepal and the road is so difficult.

  32. Blah Anger says

    Huge respect for people with the balls to race a motorcycle in the rain.

  33. Cristiano Ronaldo says

    Now time to apply this on my little honda cg 125cc

  34. Unknown user says

    Please someone tell me the music title on thend of this video

  35. Kaisar Beta Bara says

    moto gp in the rain is predictable result because valentino rosi always can handle it, 😁😁

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