Quick Design Sketch vs Fashion Illustration


This video discusses the WHO WHAT WHEN WHERE WHY HOW of quick fashion design sketches, aka croquis, vs full fashion illustrations. I do some quick croquis on camera, exactly the way I do when I’m working, and show lots of examples of fashion illustration.

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  1. Zoe Hong says

    Serbian subtitles have been added by Nina! Thank you Nina!

  2. Antonia Stoica says

    Hello, where do you get the sheets with the sketches on which you make the clothes?I can't find them anywhere…?Thanks!

  3. Nicholas Garcia says


  4. idk bleee says

    I am still 16 but i want to learn your drawing techniques♡(∩o∩)♡

  5. Bassey Rekpene says

    I recommend sketch everything on instagram for latest designs

  6. Puja Kumari says

    I love the way you laugh, it's kinda cute💜

  7. baby singh says

    Ma'am what is the difference between fashion designer and fashion illustratior?

  8. Karolainy Meurer says

    Oh you're amazing!!

  9. Vinicius Rodrigues says

    Also: give your quick sketch for a pattern maker can be read as quite disrespectful. As a pattern maker myself the designer draw are a tool and just as everyone in the world i would like to have a better tool, so be cool and give us something workable 🙏🏻😂

  10. VADKESHWARI says

    Helpful video 💕 also would y'all check my channel out? I'm very new here

  11. Iciwitty Blugul says

    Hello, how can I promote my fashion illustrations?

  12. PinQ TV says

    Wow Zoe, great work! I like the ones with ribbons and somwthing that makes you look sexier and thinner.

  13. Sirfraj Ahmed says

    Which pencil do you use?

  14. Mary Palm says

    Thank you Zoe….love your style of drawing….you are incredibly gifted and love the way you explain everything….you're right to the point! Bravo!

  15. MAGIC ART by sayee bankhele says

    Are you successful and which university you went to?

  16. Jack kyle says

    Thank you

  17. Loren Gray says

    I reallylove ur design

  18. Elerin Enanien says

    OMG!!! this help a lot.. Thank you..

  19. Euuda says

    I feel like im not creative enough for fashion design Like I feel as if I always have to look for inspiration to design

  20. arjel jose says

    I have a bunch of designs but i don't know how to start my career

  21. Mingi Xi says

    Comes out at 3 am and I watching all your videos…I’m just 15 and I feeling I already late to learn to all of those things. I even don’t understand completely because I haven’t really good English omg what will i do?! I already late about whole things for the fashion. I’m gonna watch the other videos and i will be crying at the same time..

  22. poojeli pranathi says

    Ma'm. I am interested in designing and i am learning through your videos but i have a doubt..? What kind of paper do you use for your illustrations

  23. Boy Bobbette says

    hey zoe- im really struggling to do a bodice block pattern – mostly, i think, because i just cannot figure out my measurements. i’d just go get them taken by a pro if i were allowed to be within 6 feet of a seamstress! do you have any videos on either subject? or both, for that matter…? 🙂 thank you 🙏🏻 💕

  24. ProjectJohnRey says

    I really admire Fashion Illustrators like you 😍 And it leads me to upload my Illustrations here on Youtube as well . 😍❤ looking forward for more 😍

  25. Aliyha Tonepahhote says

    This is just one of my 1000 things I'm interested in for a career. Idk what I should do

  26. Boy Bobbette says

    you’re amazing. a wealth of info, I’m grateful. 🙏🏻

  27. Gelila Dejen says

    Love u Zoe!!!

  28. Layy layy says

    Hii I love you’re videos already omg!💓 And where can I find the croky book I don’t know how to spell it?

  29. poidog Giggleplops says

    I love watching how you draw! The draping and hem at 5:55 🤩!! Your line work is incredible!

  30. Mel Tg says

    #perfectionismisstupid… hahaha that made my day! Glad I found your chanel Zoe <3

  31. Anshika Gupta says

    Thank you for this . this explanation is really awesome . I also belong to same field , get to know a lot from your videos . Started my own channel recently and learning a lot from your videos . and quite practicing to do so for me and my channel. hope will do better by watching more to you.

  32. MOGNEFULL says

    hey! great video! where do you get your base models from?

  33. hy BTS says

    I want to be a fashion designer but I think I do not have enough fancy and creative ideas… how can I get more ideas??

  34. Ayush Sonawane says

    I loved your sketches designs I really love it

  35. ErRa MoOd says

    Świetne ilustracje 🙂

  36. Christopher Phan says

    Hello Zoe.I'm new to fashion design skills. In the past, I taken traditional Art classes and graphic design skills, which I have up my sleeves right now. :)I love your template and was wondering "Where can I buy the template and print them?"P.S. I love your video and been watching them. You are my go-to to learning about fashion designing.

  37. Ishrat Ritu says

    i really wanted to study fashion designing but ended up being a Bengali literature student … these sketches are too good !!!! feeling bad for myself again .. !!

  38. Lotta w.i. says

    Zoe i love you. You always calm me down when i`m to upset and caught up in my head to get started. Thanks!!!

  39. Gideon Aurous says

    Thank you for your books…..

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