Pure Blooded Thief Ending with Capital Gains Music


The 4th video for the day! This one was made by me and as far as I’ve seen, not been requested. Red Headed Outlaw is such a great track! Fun Fact: This track was actually used for both Convict Allies & Capital Gains! Convict Allies didn’t fit very well so I used Capital Gains for the Thumbnail. Anyways, hope you guys enjoy!

Ockeroid – Red Headed Outlaw:

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  1. Nasrin Begum says

    Ghost inmate with capital gains music

  2. Burak Tiryaki says

    rank: pure gains

  3. Ярослав-ст. Хасин says

    i think when government leaves ,henry suddently meets ellie and she asks to join him!!!! henry agreed!

  4. funny gamer says

    Cool and i …

    Subscribe to you👍

  5. Bunny Tubez says

    For a small second I thought that was the original til I read the title I again

  6. TäiłsG4mērʙя!•_95ツ says

    It actually fits

  7. Brady Rothfusz says

    Now I want RBH with the CG music to make the set complete, since it already plays for CA with is part of the CG combo

  8. 李伯晏 says

    This is my opinion for this ending:

  9. Crystal Clear! says

    Pure blooded capital gains

  10. Mr Die says

    Do free man ending at CtM but its valiant hero. (Edit:I'am hecc early-)

  11. RNA Of the dna dynasty says

    Could you maybe do something that
    REALLY doesn’t fit
    Capital gains to the betrayed

  12. Why did I post this? says

    Love it! Sounds awesome!

  13. flaco says

    he get money

  14. Invurret says

    this slaps better than the original music.

  15. AdamAzul Mercado says

    Rank pure blooded gains

  16. Gd Blaze says

    It sounds really good

  17. pixel 8er says

    Triple threat with gangsta 4 lyfe music

  18. Justin Dalebout says

    Triple Treat Ending With Sneaky Escapist Music

  19. Declan Bergman says

    Badass bust out with pure blooded thief

  20. Power Guy says

    Do capital gains but with ghost inmate music please.

  21. rblx cyclopiaman says

    what about capital gains with convict allies?

    don’t woooosh me this is a joke

  22. greninja shuriken says

    Why does this has one dislike?

    It should have 0!

  23. Henry Stickmin says

    do Capital Gains with Pure Blooded Thief music

  24. Henry Finn says

    little nest egg but with revenged music?

  25. Matrix 9000 says

    this fits very well, Good job!

  26. Pugsriel the Sticker says

    Doesn’t make sense, Ellie isn’t until the next game

  27. stephen teo says

    This is a fit in this music

  28. Jagger - says

    It fits really well

  29. Jubileu de Ouro says

    "Capital Gains Music" is called : Red Headed Outlaw

  30. Carl Johnson says

    Credits is wrong : its red headed outlaw

  31. Still the Worst ඞ says

    Goverment Support Private Investigator But with Convict Allies Music Credit

  32. Dr. Medic says

    Surprisingly this fits very well

  33. Barracuda JSAB says

    Why am i awake at 4:00 in the morning

  34. Back Huat Lee says

    C O O L

  35. Andrey Gusev says

    How about Triple Treat ending with Toppat 4 Life ending music, i think it is very cool idea!

  36. Hayvan Sever Oyunlar says

    welp i didnt think it would go with that music that much but i thought that was the actual ending song for a second lol

  37. chapter 5555 channel says

    Do presumed dead with free man

  38. Lord Fawful says

    GO REVENGED WITH VH MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. EfanzeDevOfficial says

    These are coming out so damn quick

  40. Reggie The Pro 1 says

    How about Toppat recruits but the rank is Convict allies

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