1. Flip Winks says

    True, as long as pharma companies fear a cut to their op margins, they will fight its approval. There is no longterm profit in psycho drugs that would really cure 😡😉.

  2. Brent Mace says

    Mind Medicine MMED is on the forefront of this industry! Great investment opportunity!

  3. PrimalColin2 On YouTube says

    Shamen are the best people to learn from on how to guide people ✊🏻

  4. PrimalColin2 On YouTube says

    Amazing video 🙏

  5. Leo Leon says

    Pharma HAS been trying to squash it. Why do you think marijuana is still classified as a schedule 1 controlled substance? The difference now is that people can’t be convinced its bad because they know its a lie.

  6. Brian Eaten says

    Where should I invest?

  7. Joshua Beu says

    About time

  8. master saitama says

    what's depression … I remember last time there is no word "depression" why now suddenly so many people depressed ?

  9. mitzvah golem says

    Timothy Leahry s dead,.
    Profits will make them legal ..
    Moldy rye bread for sale.. ergot organic non GMO..🤣

  10. semi-atomic says

    Now say it with me…

    We Want Schrooms!!

  11. Oodle Richhy says

    Limited primarily? SSRIs are just 1 subclass of a class of drugs in psychiatry called antidepressants. Then there are separate classes for bipolar and schizophrenia etc. Similarly psychotherapy is a general term for many therapies including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, desensitization or exposure therapy etc.
    I understand that you're highlighting the hidden potential of psychedelics but don't distort facts or learn if you knowledge is incomplete. Don't be just another Qanon as little knowledge is dangerous.

  12. Mike Mesa says

    I work at a Ketamine-assisted psychotherapy clinic in Denver and the change in patients I’ve seen is profound. This is the future of mental health, I swear it.

  13. Brady Hubbard says

    Knowing there’s something on the horizon makes me tear up a bit. Aaaaand here come the waterworks…

  14. Enlightened Doggo says

    Wow have mom check your homework next time you shouldn't be making glaring mistakes in the first few seconds. Psychotherapy and SSRIs are both common, but to say it's either one or the other currently is false.

  15. Jack Martinelli says

    In the 70's I tried both LSD & mushrooms. I laughed my ass off! With LSD, the word "milkshake" was particularly funny! With the mushrooms I laughed for about 30mins straight. After that I got scared that I'd never stop laughing. My vision got funny – rainbow halos around everything. No unicorns or giant bunnies … sigh. The incidents were months apart.

  16. Amir Moezz says

    Longer videos please 😁😂

  17. 20 Percent says

    If you’re going through rough times, please don’t give up.
    Better times are coming ❤️

  18. Saint Elaine says

    Stoned ape theory made me re think psychedelics but I still think that the general population is too stupid and prone to abuse or addiction.

  19. Nicholas Nelson says

    I’m still not going to try them before the science is clear or the FDA approves. But keep the science going

  20. Dylan Barrera says

    As someone who has been eating mushrooms a lot lately to re wire my brain and deliberately create my life, I can say it works well. I truly believe in the science of this.

  21. juraj kusy says

    Wow, what a beautifully produced video. Kuddos for covering this in such way!

  22. Viva la Donna says

    just say nature

  23. Wyatt Weaver says

    Anyone know how to invest in this? I’m a big believer that Psychedelics are the answer for mental health issues having been on over 10 different SSRIs with results that only made things worse and then discovering psychedelics and getting immediate amazing results

  24. RAJohnson713 says

    Why is he saying "silopsyben" lol

  25. devtank says

    When you have ancient civilizations cherishing the medicinal role, and modern civilizations stomp on those ideas, makes it look like we are the deniers.

  26. 美食做法简单 says

    Fueling mental health evolution.

  27. Him says

    How many people have been put in jail for using psychedelic drugs, and now finally we are realising that it helps a mental health. It has always been helping us. This only gives me even more depression because of how many people have been affected by this lawful decision to criminalise psychedelic drugs

  28. Becoming Vincent says

    60 lost years for patients …

  29. Paul M says

    I have 5 tabs of LSD that I’m saving for Christmas Day

  30. Christopher Mara says

    Nothing you showed was even close to conclusive evidence of psychedelic compounds effectiveness. Your guests talked about Big Pharma and the usual "enemies" of healthy living and I was unmoved by their arguments. The shortcomings of the current drug treatments are very well known but I'm not convinced that the argument you've just presented is an effective advocate for psychedelic compounds as an alternative. The shortcomings here are in the reporting not in the facts of psychedelic compounds effectiveness. Less religious indoctrination and more facts please.

  31. Toso Haruna says

    Psychedelic use in humans predates western culture. To say the Greeks discovered it is disingenuous.

  32. Gregg Spencer says

    That's it. Unsubbing.

  33. kolorkonexion says

    The spiritual journey is more important then a recreational high…

  34. Yellowowl Nighteagle says

    In an effort to save their own herd first, they will inadvertantly thin their own herd first.

  35. MJ Dan says


  36. The Sly Fox says

    I take the VC (especially the VC people) and alternative medicine presenters with a grain of salt, though I appreciate people like the researcher from Louisiana greatly and am very excited to see how this all turns out

  37. Lucid Dev Team says

    Government ruins everything

  38. Ujjwal Bhandari says

    Joe rogan's podcast must have had a profound impact.

  39. sunman says

    Most probably you're going full schizo after some Ayahuasca. Blowing up the dopaminergic receptor's.

  40. Sasha Sivtsov says

    This is scary

  41. Iron Weed says

    You forgot to mention all the negative side effects of psychedelics.

  42. Killer Ice Lollies says

    Ketamine 👍

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