PROPER SUNDAY VILLAGE CRICKET! Sanderstead Sunday XI vs The Cricket Society CC – Declaration Game!


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  1. blackhound rise says

    Great to watch and always lovely from Sanderstead CC. When Lucy pushes the ball throw with more energy in her action, she lands it in the right areas and accurately. Very good

  2. Martin James says

    It was always timed games when I played. It was usual to declare at tea (time of which was fixed, half way) but if you were short of runs you might bat on for a few overs of biff after tea. You had to have confidence in your bowlers to do that, of course, and it wasn't often a good idea.

  3. Lavar Ball says

    29:47 best part of the video

  4. John Thompson says

    Great game so close at the end but we hung on Johnny and Stu batted well the bowlers not so good but all those Fenns can bat a bit so thought a draw a fair result. My other fave film Legend about the Krays with Tom Hardy playing them both.

  5. Outback Interiors says

    Nice to hear from from lord Handley

  6. andy moore says

    Thank you, a lovely game. And as DA says 'what a wonderful thing a draw can be'.

  7. andy moore says

    Erm…. just can't get my head around the variations in batting style in last few overs….. did I actually see that? Did Dev have two conflicting implants in his brain feeding him messages ball by ball?

  8. andy moore says

    '20:08' "There goes the moo, more like a calf, rather than the full cow'. John Arlott could not have put it better, he would, of course, have been shaking his head ruefully.

  9. Soundbelch says

    A 10-hour looped video of Matt Harris taking those catches is now not only necessary but mandatory.

  10. andy moore says

    '19:06' Would if have been a 'run out' rather than a stumping? Conjecture for the bar….?

  11. andy moore says

    18:17 'Master of temptation' brilliantly put, and so in context with the game.

  12. andy moore says

    12:52 Thanks DA for a delightful analysis of the situation then for your shrewd and valid observations to be totally turned their it's head by the abrupt declaration! One for the book….

  13. andy moore says

    12:10 'Pitched up, at last' Just how much impartiality was there in that comment?

  14. andy moore says

    09:44 to 09:55 Lovely bit of cricket…. bowler giving it some air, first fullish then a tad shorter (probing), proper cricket shots from the batsman reflecting the nature of the deliveries and, to cap it all, neat fielding by cover. Text book cricket. Deep sigh of contentment from me.

  15. Adam Sadiq says

    God. I wish I was there. Watch a bit of cricket, go for a nice walk, end up at a pub and a pint of proper ale. I can't remember what beer tastes like.Thanks for the uploads. They are a lovely reminder.

  16. andy moore says

    '0:53' "It's proper cricket"….. love the emphasis on the first word.

  17. Quentin Raats says

    Is Shareef still playing here? Seem to be missing him

  18. christopher wefing says

    I nwould like to say a massive THNK YOU Sanderstead CC and everyone involved in this channel . It's an absolute gem in these dark times. Thank you so much!

  19. Simon D'Ardenne says

    Great to see Tom Fenn in action. I played with him quite a bit for the Army Medical Services back in the day and he bowled pretty quick before he added that extra timber in the last few years!

  20. robconnell68 says

    Matt Harris is really getting into the role of the village Vettori by growing the beard to copy the real Vettori, his bowling is looking the goods and his catching just like plucking daisies

  21. Jonny N says

    100 caps is nothing to sniff at – well done!

  22. Chris Bell says

    Since when has Harris become a good fielder?!

  23. 1davedavedavedave says

    Draw cricket is only any good with sporting teams. Played too many who have absolutely no intention to chase the score. Fielding for 60 overs for 70-4 is not much fun!

  24. Kai Dar says

    Great video again Dan! I'm sorry I can see Louis Van Gaal behind the stumps and Simon Bird bowling left arm spin!

  25. Ross Brown says

    Great couple of main wall forces from Ronald….nice to see someone I know playing even when living in 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿!! Well batted Ronald 👍

  26. Ray Theron says

    Wello drawn, Sanderstead! Wow, Matt! OK, the batting no, but the bowling certainly was.

  27. Augustya Sing says

    LORD is very eloquent . . . *)

  28. Bede Browne says

    A most interesting game & I'm glad the Lord showed up because the game was a bit slow lol at that point. On his favourite film I would have to agree, The Longest Day was a really good film seen yrs ago in black n white & I would advise anyone to go & have a look at it if they get the chance.

  29. Amol Phatak says

    loved how everyone seemed to be guessing what the plan was in the last few overs (including Dev and JLo out there in the middle)

  30. James Golbey says

    Oh Jonny, another helicopter and another wicket. You hit through that and it smacks into the fence behind the bowler. Long shot, Dan, but do you know if their player Peter Hardy ever edited a cricket fanzine?

  31. carolyn macmillan says

    Community cricket…wonderful stuff.Not something we have in Australia. Might have to move to England just to play village cricket and have a load of fun.But getting a bit long in the tooth, but spectating would be just as good.Love it….keep em coming

  32. Greg Whalan says

    Question!! Is Tricki Wilson still playing for Sanderstead?

  33. Dan Madsen says

    The way fielding is done in cricket, in every form that I've watched at least (as an American who only started watching it during quarantine), seems so laid back… everyone picks up the ball, then sets their body and takes two steps to throw the ball in… I'm used to baseball, where throws are made so quickly and sometimes completely off-balance. I want to score a baseball game in the same way a cricket match is scored…. a run for every base, ground rule doubles are 4 and home runs are 6. It'd look like a basketball game score here in the US lol

  34. K&J Williams says

    After this weekend I think Harris might have to produce a urine sample.

  35. K&J Williams says

    What? No Del? Just as he was hitting a rich vein of form.

  36. Alex TV says

    The longest day, what a film.

  37. T Kingo says

    A proper Sunday declaration game with tea between innings. Good to see Sunday cricket thriving. When I stopped playing it seemed to be disappearing, but it was mine and many others access into adult cricket and provided many great club members with playing opportunities. I am sure when I started playing Sunday 2nds at 13 every village side had a hard-hitting number six that looked like a blacksmith (or a low rent Botham) that also bowled medium pace with intent. A nurdeling wicket keeper batting at number 7 was also a prerequisite. Seeing the wicket being fly mowed was probably the most village moment of my cricketing life, good times.

  38. Capio says

    Solid knock from Dev Boycott

  39. Bob Burroughs says

    Harris rules! More to come Dan?

  40. Paul Allen says

    What an absolute pleasure it's been having you and your commentary back this last few weeks Dan and also it's great to see Lord Handley back at sanderstead.. As for my favourite film.. It has to be one flew over the cuckoo's nest.. A classic

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