"Project 007" – New James Bond Game!


IO Interactive, the developers behind the Hitman series, are making a new James Bond game. Currently nicknamed “Project 007”, it will cover Bond’s origin story. This is going to be INSANE.
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Thank you for watching! 😎

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  1. Ole Cranky Gamer says

    Better have Sean Connery's voice

  2. Gamers latest news says

    No gameplay they sucks I can’t wait tho if this a FPS it be a god game

  3. manuviraj khare says

    I wonder if they'll take elements from the Forever and a Day novel? 🤔🤔🤔

  4. Victor Cardoso says

    His reaction was just like mine!! Just punching the air!!!

  5. Mohamed Iqbal Abd Karim says

    I was dreaming about 007 game last week. Dreams do come true.

  6. lafeil says

    Finally a developer that will take James Bond games to next level.

  7. Walter White says

    I’m so hyped for this game! Can’t wait for Project 007: The Beginning

  8. Angel G says

    Lucky enough to have bought the PS2 for the 007 games 😁

  9. liron Cohen says


  10. TWITCH killersamnas says

    Omg my dad is so excited

  11. Rafael Fulgencio says

    This is going to be such a great game

  12. nksweeper89 says

    Soooooooooooo overdue!!!!!! Thank God it’s finally happening!

  13. Smith Wesson says

    Imagine Daniel Craig appears on The Game Awards as 007 to promote this game and honor Sean Connery…..and then Agent 47 shows up

  14. Forgotten Champion says

    Why not continue with the Hitman series huh? Hitman is of the same genre and would be so much better if they had not made this James Bond game. Why to generalize an idea? They are murdering love for Hitman by making this game which is a very generalized version of Hitman and not the won which we enjoyed so much.

  15. Abdul says

    Didn't they make GoldenEye game on N64? If so, this is going to be epic.

  16. Paul Carter says

    How come the latest 007 Game 🎮 will hope to be released in either 2022 or 2023 or 2024

  17. preston nevois says

    My cousin's real name is James Bond, but we call him trey

  18. Carlos Mitchell Jr. says

    Can't wait to play this with my dad

  19. PoloRalphLaurenBear says

    So sad Sean is gone… such a boss.

  20. Aadam K says

    I think the last 007 game I played was on the ps2 and I don’t know if was any other 007 game after that so this is quite exciting for me. Can’t wait!

  21. JPhilips Play says

    I cannot wait to see Bonds cars in this game!!

  22. Will says

    I saw this damn title and almost had a freaking heart attack. I can’t believe they’re finally making a new 007 game

  23. Funny Funker says


  24. Payton Nighswonger says

    Bro called an fmj a hollow point I’m weak

  25. epicoli96 says

    Everyone’s fav james bond movie? Mine is skyfall or spectre

  26. SnowyMatty says

    Well when you make a series of this just make sure to use THE BEGINNING at episode 1

  27. Quincy May says

    no waaaaaaaaay bro

  28. BAS Francis says

    I said the makers of hit man had to have made this game before watching this. It’s gonna be perfect.

  29. Brad V says

    If this is similar to my favorite 007 game (Goldeneye '64), then you can prematurely tell I'm interested. Especially if it's available on the Nintendo Switch. May the memories come back in more than just the trunk of Bond's DB5…

  30. Matt King says

    If this is just made for the PS5 I’m going to go insane because the PS5 is getting spider man miles miracles, Harry Potter AND possibly James Bond

  31. Brad Johnson says

    was this kid even alive when goldeneye came out on N64?

  32. Avery Thompkins says

    turn from your sins and believe in THE LORD Jesus Christ and be
    baptized in THE NAME of THE FATHER, THE SON and THE HOLY SPIRIT if you
    haven’t already before CHRIST returns or before you take your last

  33. Patriotic Z says

    The new Bond is a joke

  34. Patriotic Z says

    0:24 u mean round, the bullet it just the metal part at the end that gets fired out the barrel but a round refers to not only the bullet but the shell/casing behind the bullet with holds the gun powder.

  35. Enzoking says

    Let goooooo. 💥💥💥💖

  36. Justin Campbell says

    I’m surprised he hasn’t played 2k yet

  37. Shenell Richard says

    They have impressed me for years I can't wait for this this game.

  38. sadhya sri says

    this game is going to be lit

  39. Michael Asti says

    Not a hollow point though 😋

  40. Mary 23 says

    Hey Trevor can u plz make a dedicated video for gaming beginners. Would really be helpful for ppl like me🙏

  41. Christian B. says

    Bro…what!? I’m so on board with this!

  42. Harold Welge says

    I'll watch this

  43. Indunil Nakkawawita says

    Love the video trev and can you play minecraft cause I would love to watch it.

  44. Mike Goldschmidt says

    Play more story horror games plzzz

  45. ThePittsburghSwag says

    I haven't watched a 007 movie in quite some time now… watched quantum solice on Netflix last night and now this happens… like whatttt

  46. David Weeks says

    That's not a hollow point

  47. Bryan Beard says

    2020 has been a crazy year, there is no denying that. But moments like THIS, THESE moments are PROOF that we can come out of anything!

  48. JakeShaw16 says

    Couldnt of had a better dev in mind.

  49. wide putin says

    I was just watching james bond

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