1. Shawn D says

    Awesome got this game to

  2. Phillip Reynolds says

    Are there plans to incorporate Xfl teams versions 1 and 2

  3. Phillip Reynolds says

    Possibly under clock options?

  4. SuperBowl Tournament says

    Thanks for the advertisement of the web site. Please note, RIGHT AFTER you downloaded these teams, they were all REUPLOADED. Redownload them and reinstall the league file only (you have the other files). The reason for this is because there was a bug that was discovered that altered the punt return for td% from any league you had created. The programmer has fixed it, and we reuploaded everything for the leagues, fixed. You can continue with your existing season, but you may find a lot more punt returns for TDs than normal. If you're not too far into the season, I'd recommend starting over for accuracy sake.

  5. Big Pauly's World Of Sports Sims says

    Good to see you overcame the Pineapple Pizza… =)

  6. idjester says

    hi Dave… good to see your back into the swing of things…. excuse the pun…

  7. Jeff Hunter says

    Good review Dave. A lot to like about this game! I asked him to put the current drive display on the scoreboard last week. Unfortunately it didn't make the patch. When you talk to him please mention the current drive display!

  8. Al RedsoxFan says

    Uncle Dave 🙂

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