1. 권준호 says


  2. markus dromljak says

    "Now that everything is as it should be, ladies and getlemen, i give to you… VAN HELSING!"

  3. Wesley VL says

    The vampire covent have the best gear andt weapon looks

  4. TheNagaTidelord says

    The Venthyr Covenant has to be my favorite of the covenants.

  5. Lowkey G says

    Sounds more like a Disney Pixar soundtrack

  6. Arcturus Lwowski says

    Give me character similar to Lord Harkon's family (yeah, I know it's not Skyrim) and I'll be satisfied.

  7. Jextra says

    Gonna be great for a halloween release 🙂

  8. Jextra says

    Very similar to Dracula's ball in Van Helsing. Good choice for inspiration.

  9. MMT399561 says

    Has to be Venthyr stuff. That's basically what I expected in terms of music…well, and something like the Kara theme. Sounds great.

  10. Ethereal says

    why its like ratatouille music? 😀

  11. MrGhostlore says

    Seems very Venthyr-ish

  12. Asmoneffy says

    Vampire party vibes

  13. totobal123 says

    0:16 Tango? :v

  14. crystalline collective says

    yess vampire masquerade vibes

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