PRETTYMUCH Performs 'Gone 2 Long' | In The Basement | Entertainment Weekly


The boys from PRETTYMUCH, Brandon Arreaga, Edwin Honoret, Austin Porter, Nick Mara, and Zion Kuwonu, join us in the EW basement to perform their latest song ‘Gone 2 Long.’
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PRETTYMUCH Performs ‘Gone 2 Long’ | In The Basement | Entertainment Weekly

  1. samantha says

    El talento que se cargan estos panas

  2. atalie says

    sucks that they're all assholes xD

  3. Zahira K says

    i'll leave a star because this video is my favorite 🌟

  4. y w says
  5. Rhea Jewan says

    Never forget this.

  6. Laura Manthey says

    Still gives me goosebumps all over ♥️♥️♥️♥️🔥

  7. Usagi Tinie21 says


  8. Ogechi Anusi says
  9. Daniel Seavey says


  10. Ogechi Anusi says

    And THIS is exactly why I love them 😍

  11. Hemangini Das says

    imagine someone dedicating this song to you

  12. ednabs8 says

    man O_O BYUTIFUL

  13. Geovanna Antonely says


  14. hot cheetos says

    zions voice.. it’s so pure 🥺

  15. Gail Gemell says

    I'm crying idk why this makes me emotional 😢😢😢😢

  16. Hey Angel says


  17. Abigail Louisa says

    I know its ramdom but Brandons nose is REALLY straight

  18. the ocean says

    I forgot this existed for a while… Now that I watched it again I still love it

  19. Shafiek Sathorar says

    I love pretty much
    Pretty amazing
    And that pretty much sums it up

  20. Albina Bajraktari says

    Austin my babyyyyy😍😍

  21. MEGATV says

    this group is to underrated !!
    such a powerfull talenttt

  22. Dorcas Nathalie says

    I need this on Spotify.

  23. Ashutosh Panda says

    You guys won't be gone anywhere without autotune

  24. Laura Mejía says

    2020, listening this jewel <3

  25. xxHibba28 xxx says

    How i describe each of the boys of PRETTYMUCH:
    Brandon: husband for me and talented
    Edwin: talented vocals i want
    Austin: underrated talented boy
    Nick: high notes that are super talented
    Zion: goofy and talented af

  26. Donna Simpson says


  27. Micayla Jordan says

    Don't be gone to long my baby

  28. Adeola Soleye says

    Why does edwin always looks so fucken good even if he’s not trying to look good he still does like damn🥵!

  29. Jo'see Adams says

    I've watched this a lot of times but their vocals hit different in this and leaves you in tears

  30. مهنوش منتظری says

    How can Brandon do a lot of things in the same time😱

  31. gaby gaby says

    watching this a throwback ugh

  32. Lois Coan says


  33. Wyoming Wyoming says


  34. jasleen saini says

    Brandon too

  35. Vinicius Marconi says

    Ok, now Austin is in the GAME! Austib can sing by the way, his vocals isn,t like the other boys, but he sings very well for sure and seems like he is always put aside.

  36. TikTok Vines says


  37. Kim And Rudy Maidment says

    The talent Brandon has is crazy

  38. Kim And Rudy Maidment says

    Get it Austin

  39. Tesem Chiira says

    I love these guys so much ♥

  40. ansfyhsfrzkr says

    the fact that brandon performing the whole instrumental while singing LIKE THAT IM IMPRESSED

  41. Maddie Nevaeh13 says

    The pain in There voice especially Zions 🥺

  42. DIVYANSHI ROY says

    Brandon gives chills at the end.

  43. Sonali Mukherjee says

    brandon is soo damn talented mannnn i love him

  44. Idk lol says

    Briehaofnaosnrjwkajdb I don’t know why but I always watch this video, it’s like I’m addicted to’s justsisnfkankfd THEY SOUND SO GOOD

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