Pretending To Be A Girl in RuneScape


Pretending To Be A Girl in RuneScape

I will not upload another video like this. I can’t believe pretending to be a girl for GP was the most requested video idea. Anyways, enjoy, you assholes 😉

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  1. Kallscape says


  2. ZeldaLover6 says

    My favourite runescape video.

  3. Stock Name says

    Big hands, I know you're the one. ♥️

  4. Nate B-RunS says

    I am so f'ing offended by this do you really think this is funny? you think its funny to pretend to be a girl?!?!? How about being a guy knowing you should be in a womens body,?!?!? i am beyond ticked off and this video should be taken down

  5. MaRaX93 says

    My gf got gifted a sang staff and full bandos by some loser who bought gold by the tons and bankstood at ge all day. She didn't even pretend to like him or anything, he was just that grateful because a girl pvmed with him on discord for a few weeks. Its a combination of no irl social life and way too much spare money

  6. Ryan Robinson says

    he took off his cape. Lmfaoo

  7. Asiah Eibhlin says

    64k subs?!? Doesn’t he mean 247k subs???? I love how he grew in just three years.

  8. Azrael says

    Lmao. Dude at 0:41 stopped to check out the goods

  9. Evelina San Mateo says

    You have ruined a youtubers life literally he's been insulted and you are the cause

  10. Kiasie Lopez says

    L0L just seen this

  11. Clorox Bleach says

    Bruh, cringe.
    S I M P

  12. Goudstaaf 5 says


  13. Matt S says

    This is cancer

  14. Mukism says

    dani wil never forgive u

  15. bultsi says

    Just like in IRL. Some hoes think that virtual head or ass banging is enough. If anything at all. Stupid bitches. Back to streets.

    Great video. 😉

  16. Dendran Gardner says

    Pugger: "I'm not gay but 5gp is 5gp"

  17. Totally Unimportant says

    One time I gave somebody a huge discount on like 200000gp worth of coal because I thought they were a grill and made a nice offer to the lady. Afterward they told me that they were not a grill

  18. Automatic 12 ga says

    You ruined my money making method

  19. ThaRedPanda says


  20. Yoerie De Joode says

    Awhh that guy in black 8:00 🙁

  21. Ortseun DSN says


  22. J U S T A S T R A N G E R says

    no plz Im a grill
    That killed me 😂

  23. Kobalt Clutterphuck says

    Now I need "I like to sex eachother before dinner" on OSRS font on a t-shirt

  24. Bade Grim says

    Das recation on 1:10 it pricless

  25. philip boyd says

    Fuck feminists!

  26. C Doh says

    Lmao this made me cackle

  27. Idanix Fajardo says

    oh god this reminds me of the first time I spoke in the discord clan XD lol

  28. Kevin Feng says

    Me (hard)

  29. Erick Christensen says

    The fact that this still works is hilarious xD
    Also so happy we don’t see that many bots in the game anymore lol

  30. Magic Treees says

    Weirdest idea for a video ever…

  31. Kay says

    You're telling me I could have been getting stacks for existing as a female this entire time 🤔

  32. Erik says

    omg bro thats the funniest shit i ever seen! XD

  33. Rave Homard says

    Sell jewelry
    Spin flax
    Make pizza
    =100-400k h
    Be a hoe
    =1m-1b per hour

  34. Cówboy Bebop says

    My virgin eyes!

  35. DaddyDelve says

    What did you said to your Sponsor "Hey Guys, I need a new PC for Runescape" ?^^

  36. Wes Gilkey says

    If you've ever been involved in something like this you're still lure cringe. It's an awkward you dont grow out of

  37. GameplayBank says

    oh this is not healthy LOL

  38. Kuudefoe says

    I had to pause the video when that 1 billion came around. it's rare for me to shove my hands in my face.

  39. This video is unlisted but was recommended to me?

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