Plus Size Fashion – 4 Creative Ways to TUCK IN Your Shirt


4 Easy Ways to tuck in your button up shirt to give you different styles with just 1 shirt.

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Thanks so much for watching!

Cheryn Tan
Malaysian Plus Size
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  1. Becky LG says

    I was going to say the same thing about tossing the shirt, very creative! Thanks for making this video I appreciate your hard work and dedication to your work..

  2. Fat n Ugly says

    You’re so cute 🥺💜💜

  3. Shreya Redkar says

    A really creative video

  4. MISS RIGHT says

    This is life saving… Thank you so much

  5. The Fleetwood Mac Songbook says

    Lovely ideas, Cheryn, thank you ! x

  6. Pepzi zi says

    Your so pretty 😇

  7. Jyoti Mourya says

    You are cute.

  8. Navdeep RG Vines says

    U r so cute

  9. philomina rincy says

    very borring

  10. Alex says

    The y tuck is similar to how audrey hepburn did it

  11. Magaly Delgado says

    Cheryn I love your videos!! 😊

  12. curls under construction says

    I really liked the creativity you used in tossing the shirts! Cute!!

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