Today i played every single nfl madden game ever! i played on ps1, ps2, ps3, gamecube and xbox series x! this took so long lol i hope you enjoy! which was your favorite madden??????

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  1. Creed says

    I’m actually gonna watch this whole video

  2. Talking bout the giants at a 63 being disrespectful. Not knowing who the oilers were was disrespectful

  3. Christian King says

    Guys stop using the Lords name in vain

  4. Zach says

    Eli you the goat bro

  5. Andrea Roberts says

    I love you gaint

  6. nba_goat says
  7. Franklin Collins says

    You forgot a couple maddens

  8. Jordan Black says

    How many times he said fricken in madden 07

  9. D'shonee Whitehead says


  10. I DONNO says

    Eli stop madden 20 gave you problems and you deleted it

  11. Burning Roses says

    Me seeing thumbnail: oh cool
    Me seeing his a giants fan: LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, AN COMMENT

  12. Money King says

    This man deserves 1millon subs

  13. Gavin Holmes says

    I´m watching the whole thing

  14. Kaden H says

    The More You Know: The Tennessee Titans used to be the Oilers

  15. YoungBoy Lala says

    Daunte Culpeper

  16. Mason McGowan says

    RIP Eli Mack’s uncle a soul that will be remembered

  17. Terry Main says

    It was Dante cullpepper on the front on the 2002 madden

  18. Keith Taylor says

    You can tell this guys gonna get 1mill by at the most 2023

  19. Mason McGowan says

    I watch the whole thing let’s get it

  20. Xandy 4913 says

    Peyton Manning?

  21. Jeffrey Mitchell says

    He at the old crib nice

  22. BADMTheGODM says

    I watched the whole video, the first madden I ever played was madden 19.

  23. BeeReaves1 says

    Damn shame he didn't know who dante Culpepper was

  24. IRIS Q Rocket League says

    To Eli- I found out they used to be the Houston Oilers then went to Tennessee and became the titans

  25. boltzboom20 plays says

    For every time that mack said were that energy

  26. Classic Kid says

    cover athelete is mr culpepper

  27. Ah ya Ah ya says

    Hey Eli I have not watching you in a while I stared watching just before 10k

  28. Cassandra Wade says

    97 98 99 so trash

  29. Liz Adu-Gyamfi says

    He said Chad want there

  30. Liz Adu-Gyamfi says
  31. Christofer Marshall says

    I think you should play madden 06 more often.

  32. Christofer Marshall says

    Madden 06 is weird DNA

  33. Amarion Mills says

    Let’s go Niners let’s go let’s go let’s go Niners let’s go let’s go let’s go Niners let’s go let’s go let’s go Niners

  34. Dodger Reid says

    I’m still mad that he does not know who the oilers are

  35. Nitro Vibes says

    count how many times he says wares that speed

  36. mila blazio says

    I made it too the end

  37. Ynm_lyricz says

    Been here since 30k brodie

  38. Nitro Vibes says

    I think he will use giants in 2016

  39. Nitro Vibes says

    dude how many people watch the hole thing

  40. Adrian Mack says

    my last name is Mack lol

  41. NevenGaming X says

    Do a superstar mode on madden 8

  42. Damien Ramirez says

    Eli mack is the greatest football player

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