Playing basketball in Senegal with Remi and friends | Jimmy Butler Travel Vlog


I recently visited Senegal, to see where my friend Remi was born and raised. I also wanted to see Africa through the eyes of a native.
Watch as we visit the African Renaissance Monument, his family’s home and a basketball camp founded by his aunt. ► SUBSCRIBE:

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Executive Producers: Jimmy Butler, Darryl Omar
Director/Editor: Darryl Omar.

  1. The Classical Black Family says

    This was great. I hope you do go back (if you didn't already) and post the follow up here. It seems like having you there meant a lot to that community.

  2. Oabona Mafote says

    That was dope.



  4. Tage Hetland says

    The guy seems pretty good in basketball, he also seems really chill

  5. Joshua Arceneaux says

    I like Jimmy He’s Very Down To Earth

  6. proapprentice420 _ says

    they need to sign some of these kids fr

  7. Jhap Veloso says


  8. Tre Jaay says

    5:24 Jimmy was like , got damn imma buy a fence for this court, we can’t keep running n waiting on that ball to come. Lol

  9. Serigne Ndoye says

    Very proude of you Jimmy,win the NBA title

  10. TIM ALI says

    They divided the Africans from the Africans.

  11. KAME & Leon says

    Ahaha le francais du sénégal sisi !!

  12. HaryBackMary says

    You know Jimmy Buckets cool AF for doing this. Not caring about that jacked up court, it's about basketball, exercise, and having fun!

  13. james rashid says

    Hell yea now that's what I'm talking about.jimmy keeping trill going back 2 his roots our real roots.So much rich history that are people know absolutely nothing about.

  14. Seydouba Camara says

    Senegal love you Jimmy and good luck baye fall

  15. Amadou Moustapha Dieng says

    We wanna see more African Americans in Senegal. You will be kindly welcome.

  16. Amadou Moustapha Dieng says

    We the people of Senegal are super proud of this dude. Jimmy Butler Thank you for coming to our country Senegal, West Africa.

  17. Chani K says

    Wow man Jimmy is for real – this was dope!! Thanks Remi!!

  18. Thompson Charuma says

    Jimmy cares > nba cares

  19. Chris Lee says

    Those are some tall ass kids!

  20. David Steele says

    Jimmy ain't going for none of that he got that mamba mindset

  21. Daniel Martinez says

    I'm only about 15-20% Senegalese and that is probably a generaton or 2 from me but proud to say these are parts of my roots

  22. Rogue01 says

    Best personality in the league easy

  23. Ralphy Puro says


  24. Djibson DaSilva says

    Word up Jimmy Butler. Proud of you and welcome back to your motherland in Sénégal where your great great great grandfathers came from…✊🇸🇳✊

  25. Stan. says

    xd this guys play better than my boastful friends

  26. Paoby Obounou says

    Love is beautiful. Respect

  27. Ibrahima Ndiaye says

    Mister Butler, you're a good man. For real!!

  28. Kos Djag says

    So beautiful!!!

  29. Marvin Sison says

    Rooting for Heat to win a title Jimmy.

  30. Gracchi says

    great stuff

  31. Kartik says

    I'm from Gambia (has a border with Senegal) and I cannot tell you how much I love seeing this ❤️

  32. Paul Vazzo says

    Cool. Glad you got to experience other cultures, food and mix it up with the kids, big up

  33. Oscar Gutierrez says

    Jimmy come to El Salvador after the Finals!

  34. Kevin Hwang says

    jimmy butler was wearing a carpet the whole time there

  35. armand mba says

    When jimmy like Bissap Juice….😅!

  36. Eddie PINTO says

    Jimmy, you are so humble and respectful(jokes aside) of everyone's background and culture, no matter where you go or who you meet you make it fun.

  37. BB B says

    i wonder if all blacks feel at home when they visit africa. they prob feel more at home than in america.

  38. V Ayodele says

    Jimmy looks like he lived there all his life,African Diaspora should make it a point to come to Africa as much as possible.

  39. bereket aklilu says

    This is just beautiful man

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