1. Arun Fernandas says

    Enangada inga iruntha vijay television ah kanom🙄.. Aprm na epdi promo pakurathu😒

  2. biju b says

    Super Dheena, sethuva epdi tha kalaikanum. Antha naaiku mimicreye theriyathu…

  3. Gopal Krishnan says


  4. Pappathi Nagarajan says

    D now no one will see but who saw this video in this pandamic situation put one like

  5. Danis Danie says

    Rakshan handsome and sexy

  6. Sunthar Sunthar says


  7. Naveen V says

    Vare 11 bro 😘

  8. raniabi Lakshmi says

    Who is watching after bigg boss 4?

  9. Nandu Prakash says

    Balaji furiii

  10. kumaran viji says

    varalavleeeeeee dheena anna

  11. Vino Vinodh kumar says

    Adra Adra Adra adra

  12. Vidhya Vidhya says

    Dheena anna vera level 👌👌👌👌👌

  13. Kavi Bharathi says

    Thala vera level😂

  14. Rohit Rohit says


  15. Rajkumar .G says


  16. Mani KANDAN says


  17. Muthu Official says

    Any one watch 2025😅

  18. arul theark1940 says


  19. Shark Sai says


  20. Gowri Gowri selvam says


  21. SB videos -Sanjay says

    Just for trp and making others laugh it's bad to insult a group of people

  22. Kiran Abhi says


  23. Anu ragul says

    Deena timing comedy vera level

  24. Balasubramani M says

    Priyanka darling

  25. Sriram Gunasekaran says


  26. Mushthak Mohd says

    മലയാളീസ് 😂

  27. Logeshwari Govind says

    Yaarukku dheena anna va romba pidiko….

  28. Mahaa Mahaa says

    Dheena Vera level 😂😂😂

  29. Sathik Basha says

    Super pa

  30. Spark Tuitions says

    Insulting someone is not a skill, the comic sense should be such that the person who talks and receives the speech both should have a smile. The problem with our current audience is that they enjoy others getting insulted or being tackled in an argument they love negativity.
    The important thing is that if they are ready to laugh out loud on other humiliation they must be ready to face the same. Which would be very bad and not go well with everyone.
    If the speech was comical rather than insulting even the speaker would not have a problem upon receiving a similar reply towards him.

  31. baskar mba says

    Deena elana..Intha shows kaduppa irukum ..

  32. Varthini B says


  33. Varthini B says


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