1. upecch says

    Animal cruelty!

  2. ezekiel lopez says

    FATALITY!!! Haaahahahahahahahahahaahahaha

  3. VANTE says


  4. Disrupted says

    A player enters the race track and scorpion immediatly comes out? rigged

  5. WJC 1978 says

    Woke up the GF laughing at this.

    Someday my [removed by support] pet might be worthy of races.

  6. Quaz Plum says

    lol illegal gambling RMT confirmed

  7. CrushrDestroyr says

    I love this game.

  8. Worst Luck says


  9. dennis datenschleuder says


  10. Biro's poebuilds says


  11. Tokimeki2003 says


  12. flyingcow989 says

    S C O R P I ON 
    . . .

    W I N S!

  13. Simone says

    is this what the game has come to?…. laughs

  14. Schmidteren says

    Awesome. xD

  15. TheGamerGriffin says

    This…this needs to become a thing

  16. L0rdBelial says

    My bet is on the next racing season being a "Pet Racing" season.

  17. Last Second Bloomer says

    This race was rigged, the underdog won…I'm reporting your asses to GGG.

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