Perez To Leave Racing Point


It’s been rumoured for a while, but Sergio Perez has announced that he will be leaving Racing Point at the end of this F1 season. What now for the Mexican? And will it be Sebastian Vettel who takes his seat?

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  1. HotRodRacer463 says

    I do agree with the fact Sergio is one of the most underrated drivers on the grid and he's been a great driver. One thing I have noticed though he seems to perform better in underrated or smaller teams, maybe without the added pressure of the bigger teams. Personally I think you should end 2020 on a high with RP and then consider retiring or moving on from F1. I wouldn't want him to end up doing what Kimi has done and end his career on a low note with a team that's currently unable to perform. Perez didn't get the credit he deserved and to be thrown out by the team he saved just makes it all the more painful. F1 is just a cruel sport and always has been!

  2. Al Hemmings says

    An unnecessary betrayal, but at least he will get a nice, fat paycheck seeing as RP were decent enough to pay out his contract. He and Hulkenburg at Haas next year would be prudent given their respective ability and Checo's sponsorship clout. Haas could really do with consistent performers if they wish to continue beyond 2021.It's even more ridiculous considering how bad Hulkenburg made Stroll look in the RP this year 🤣.

  3. JimmyRacer31 says

    Heres a wild idea; Perez and Gasly to Wlliams. Huge risk but, now Williams have the take over of Dorilton Capital, that team is now poised for a reboot to return to competitiveness. Add in two drivers that are keen to build their careers away from the pressures of the top teams this could be the most overlooked team refurbishment gpimg into 2021. Perez and Gasly to Williams

  4. Richard Harryson says

    I stopped my work because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  5. Ronald Bos says

    If Red Bull is smart, they pick him for their second seat.

  6. S S says

    Vettel is not much better if at all makes no sense

  7. General Dreagon LP's says

    To be fair to Stroll, he is outperforming Perez this year. That is without counting the results from two races Perez didn't start in. And having a young driver combined with an experienced one is probably a better plan for the future than two old drivers.

  8. Z Hommes says

    The timing. Maybe daddy thought that Lance his podium convinced the world that his son has real talent. Sheer dum luck

  9. Anton Lööf says

    Holy shit Stroll is gonna get so much hate now. It was down to either him or Perez to leave the team

  10. Reg Grundy says

    Nepotism at its finest

  11. Péter Nagy-Miklós says

    The switch makes sense and Lawrence senior is an extremely cunning man – still this switch feels bad. F1 is not a sport. It is politics and business.

  12. oranjelicht says

    Formula E!!!!

  13. Antibioticz says

    Daddy’s special boy can’t leave RP. If they didn’t have Mercedes blueprints would they be this high up in the field this year?

  14. Christian Gutierrez says

    Vettel is over the hill . His not hungry anymore. Bad move for Racing Point .

  15. 曼森日記 says

    Because they can’t fire boss’s son 😂

  16. alanfender123 says

    They took his job!

  17. Arif Aslam says

    I don't need anymore my job because of, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  18. RalfsStuff says

    Vettel joining Aston Martin: Yeeeeees!!!Realizing Perez leaves: Noooooo!!!😭

  19. Michael Fortier says

    Perez to redbull, albon and gasly to AT. 'Nuff said

  20. MrAngus245 says

    terrible way racing point treated Perez after all the commitment he gave to the team

  21. Nghia Ha says

    i'm gutted for Perez, hope he does get a seat some where else, but there doesn't seem many options left for him. Perez does look a bit like a chubbier Mexican tom cruise,. heres an idea, stunt double?

  22. Snotty Scotty says

    Time to take Slim's money to HAAS, although Slim might still be pissed at Haas over the termination of the Mexican driver in NASCAR.

  23. a well says

    They should put Sergio ina HAAS car and leave Kimi where he is

  24. JWF1 says

    4:42 well that aged well.

  25. BroAverage says

    Seb still has it and is still fast we saw that last year in 2019 in Germany, Singapore and Russia and u can't really count this year since this year's Ferrari is such a shit box

  26. thiago leao monteiro says

    Corona taco 🌮 and burritos 🌯 with the cartel lol 😂 shit mate take me

  27. Anton Sax says

    Well I for one will not miss Perez off the grid in favour of Vettel.Lets face it, its a cut throat business and he you have the worlds second wealthiest man backing you and you cant cut it?…adious amiga.Its not like he had a great legacy behind him, 8 dubious podiums behind him in 9 years? In preference to 4 time champ? Get real race fans, he might be the salt of the earth but he doesn't win races. He raceD in a Mclaren and with Mercedes engine for the last 7 years.Max has raced in a Renault and Honda and achieved wins plus equal tally of podiums.Time for clean-up.
    I wish while they are at it they would get rid of Grosjan,Magnussen,and even Kimi.These guys have raced for years with no real results(Kimi the exception but he needs to be pentioned off).They have raced around with Mercedes,Ferrari and Lotus engines for years and produced nothing.Its time to clean out and bring in some fresh, hungry faces from F2.
    Lets face it, the car owners are only interested in thier cars that they have spent billions on over the years, and have thrown in a few big peanuts for jockeys to drive them around, but the minute one of them catches a cold, they are replaced. The sooner drivers/fans understand this the better.
    Perez deserves nothing, he got a big fat severence packet to cover his lost contract,(Kimi got a 2yr pension spot when he left).I mean do you think that if Lewis caught a cold in the last 2yrs they would have even hesitated to replace him with Vettel?
    Well Perez did so much to save the team that is RP you say? Well why didn't he get his fat cat backer to buy the team for him from the off? Thanks for exactly what Checko? Good luck in your future endeavours , just hope its not back on the grid.

  28. brettwrb says

    Turns out, Vettel would piss on Ferrari’s parade

  29. Gurpreet Singh says

    This is bitter sweet, as a Seb and Perez fan, idk how to feel, fuck!!!

  30. Arif Hosen says

    my entire life changed thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  31. Giant Leap says

    Yeah, thankless move, AMR. You started on the wrong foot. Yes, performance is everything in F1. Don't forget its the people that make the performance.

  32. Taut Tech / Minus Managed Music says

    Perez replacing Albon?

  33. Lady Tan says

    i feel bad for all the mexican fans, and of course for perez. just like how max brought in dutch fans and zandvoort, im not sure whether the autodromo hernandes rodriguez will continue to be on the calendar for too long if perez leaves the sport entirely

  34. DChemTech says

    Everything has an end, and a sausage has two.

  35. Ann Daly says

    Timing is everything…..Big news Vettel/Aston Martin/Sergio….also ferrari 1ooo race.

  36. Cool Reviews says

    Niko hulkenbourg and Perez would be great teammates if anybody signs them…

  37. Michael Reimer says

    I dont owe anybody anymore thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  38. zno3 says

    Why stroll? stroll is not bad, hes not legendary either, hes pretty good, and that is good enough, haha

  39. Daxter says

    Im just saying, and I wont say more than this. Wait till you hear about Grosjean

  40. SuSmallville says

    Grojean and Magnussen must have something on HAAS by the balls

  41. Mariel Fernandez says

    Horribe news. If Lawrence didn't want to let go of Lance he could have still kept Sergio Perez

  42. aluwani moyo says

    Could it be Lance's podium was the straw that broke the camel's back?

  43. Howard Smith says

    CHECO to Red Bull alongside Max, would be SICK to see him chasing down Seb and Stroll and whooping their arses.

  44. Alin Alin says

    hope vettel crashes race after race!was a big fan ferrari and vettel but fck off already with this.

  45. Rael Liebenberg says

    You forgot about Nico Hulkenberg. You never know! Nothing is official

  46. The Xchox says

    Vettel will wait till after the 1000th GP… that didn’t age well. haha

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