Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L V2 Review | Versatile Camera & Travel Bag


The Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L (V2) is packed with thoughtful design details that work well for camera kits, EDC, and minimal travel—in that order. View Our Full Review:

0:00 – Intro
0:47 – Material & Aesthetic
2:52 – External Components
9:50 – Inside the Pack
14:26 – Durability & Testing
15:15 – Pros & Cons
15:48 – The Verdict

Versatile and packed full of thoughtful details, the latest iteration of Peak Design’s Everyday Backpack 30L is a strong contender for photographers, videographers, and commuters alike.

The Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L (V2) is part of the California-based brand’s Everyday Line refresh—hence the “V2” in its name. This new version has all of the features we dig about the original, plus some updates that make it even better. In addition to the 30L pack we’re reviewing, this revamped Everyday Backpack also comes in a 20L version.

Now, this bag is a camera bag first—built around “access, organization, expansion, and protection.” But we’ve also found that it’s solid for daily carry (especially if you carry a lot of tech) or minimal one-bag travel.

We’ve been testing the Everyday Backpack 30L (V2) for the last three weeks in Detroit, Michigan, both as a photography backpack to carry and an everyday carry backpack.

At the end of the day, the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L (V2) is a joy to use—we love all the small, thoughtful design details that add to its functionality. The bag is best suited for photographers first, everyday commuters second, and one-bag travelers third, but it’s a really versatile bag that works in all of these categories. We always like to see brands making improvements on their products, and we think the Everyday Backpack 30L is a great update in Peak Design’s Everyday Line.

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In this video, Tom Wahlin of Pack Hacker reviews the Peak Design Everyday Backpack 30L V2, a versatile camera and travel bag.

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  1. Pack Hacker says

    Would you use this bag as your everyday backpack?

  2. Schuyler Jensen says

    Do you guys think that the 30L could fit a 16-inch laptop? It seems like there is enough space.

  3. Juan Carlos Araujo S. says

    How does this compare with the Lowepro ProTactic 450 AW?
    I'm on the fence between these two. (For viedographers)

  4. DTChicken says

    Is it possible to use the strap to strap items to the front and the bottom at the same time?

  5. Jared Fretwell says

    Just got mine today! Went with the black 20L bag. I previously just bought an Incase DSLR Pro bag. It was a solid bag but just too big for every day carry. I find this bag fits my 13 inch MacBook Pro, 11 inch iPad Pro, camera and a bunch of other stuff. On top of all that, I think it looks great.

  6. Malte Christensen says

    I won't buy it. I just wouldn't feel comfortable with so many magnets surrounding cameras, phones, tablets and laptops. Besides, it is an eye sore.

  7. Cameron Ryan says

    I like the design of the bag but I think they should do a design without the side flaps.

    I feel like the side flaps are too focused towards photography and ruin the "everyday" idea of it for "normal" people like myself.

    Still, I've just found this channel are enjoy your reviews.

  8. Robert Pizzo says

    Would this hold my Nikon Z6, weebel S gimbal and Mavic air 2 drone. If not what do you recommend

  9. Vilma Madras says

    Great review. That top handle is way too big, it doesn't really go with the design of the backpack.

  10. jamiro grantsaan says

    why would you use a tsa approved lock?

  11. Sue Xiong says

    Great thorough review!

  12. Seger Giesbers says

    Tip! Try to put the Tech Pouch standing up on the top of the bag, in that case you can grab everything out of the Tech Pouch when you open the Maglatch!

  13. kx kx says
  14. Christian Collenburg says

    at 8:55 you mention there isn't a way to stop someone from getting into the maglatch compartment. But those hopps on the inside of the flap, which you did a solution with, could also be used with the bottom ext. straps. crossing the bag from the bottom, and then connecting to the latch point on the inside? If somone were to pull open the mag latch, the "hooks" on the straps would just tighten.
    Maybe that works for you guys! 🙂

  15. Matt Browning says

    Not a camera user at all, but I do like this backpack. I can agree with the cons that you pointed out though. I mostly my backpack as an EDC for work, but want to take on vacation. Would this one be comfortable enough to wear for a week going through the Disney parks every day? If not, any ~30L recommendation? Preferably a top loader/tri zip. I looked at your site, and like the UA24 but it's not quite wide enough (I have a bulky item that I need to be able to carry occasionally).

  16. KristineAndJason says

    Anyone here heard much about waterproof fidelity?
    Also with many mentions of “not the best we’ve seen”, can someone point a new subscriber towards a “best” list?
    Currently have traveled the world for 3 years w/ an Alpha bag. (Still in one piece 😄)

  17. Omega Technology says

    Great video champ…could I fit my surface laptop 13" and my macbook pro 16" in this bag together?

  18. Chon-Jei Lee says

    There are very very few review on Tote V2. Will you do that?

  19. riesemma says

    Wow I want lash straps for my jacket! Any other ~28L bags with lash straps?

  20. abbas Wali says

    hi my question is that PD says on their everyday bag discriptions that it can hold up to 30 +8L (38L) in max expansion but as per your video it will struggle even on full 30L – confusing!!

  21. Chin Zee Yuen says

    So what material is the black? Is it same material as V1?

  22. Chin Zee Yuen says

    So if 30L is more like 20l/20 something liter, the real size for 30l and 20l everyday backpack is actually 20l and 15l like the everyday zip and also 20l totepack and 15l tote?

  23. Bittysann says

    Can you please review the manfrotto Chicago back .

  24. Mikhail Manuel says

    Any recommendation for everyday and travel backpack? With one mirrorless camera and extra lens and 15.6 lenovo laptoo

  25. Jacky W says

    I think there is a major design flow inside the bag. There appear to be a few metal zippers inside, which can easily scratch cameras, etc. This needs to be re-designed.

  26. Daphne Soegijono says

    Will there be a review of the everyday tote v2? Although it looks great, it seems to have lost the side zip access

  27. Gopa says

    Can it fit new 16 inch Mac book pro?

  28. CrewsMachine says

    Would a PD medium packing cube and a Dopp kit fit in the 20L version of this bag?

  29. Eric Leo says

    This was an excellent review, thank you for posting. For me this pack is too short for my height, isn't as light as I would prefer, and also needs a much better harness system (Osprey for me is the ideal here). Does such a backpack exist?

  30. G Fraser says

    The version one outperforms the new bag, no idea why they changed the laptop section, the storage space on the sides are now more limited. I have never had an issue with the straps being uncomfortable on the v1 so I am puzzled as to why there are complaints there. The leashes at the side of which my 30L (26L in reality) came with one either side are so much better than these elastic bungee cords that just don’t suit the bag at all. The hidden pocket inside now is more obvious that it’s a pocket than before also. Stick with V1 people

  31. BambusbjoernTech says

    I hated the straps on the V1, when carrying my usual 10KG of everyday stuff. Is that better with V2?

    Using a PRVKE31 atm and thats MUCH more comfortable.

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