Owner Doesn't CARE | S04E11 | Beauty Rescue (Reality TV) | Fresh Lifestyle


Absentee owner, Kim Krohn, has an “I don’t care attitude” that has poisoned her staff and left her salon rudderless. Even though her house is in foreclosure, Kim barely spends time in her failing salon and her staff have checked out too.

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  1. blue dahlia says

    Tabatha is such a crocodile, but you can see underneath she really has a heart. The compassion on her face when the husband was opening up to her was obvious. When she is happy with the progress her eyes open wider and the beautiful blue colour shines out.

  2. Latisha says

    I just want to tell Kim to blow her nose 🤧🤧

  3. Bearrification says

    I swear all asian Kim look like her

  4. chassbabii says

    She acting like she high!!

  5. Lindsey Busch says

    Why is nobody here talking about the FLASHING?! If I saw that she would have been fired immediately no questions asked.

  6. xoxo Monique says

    Not a ROACH!!!..😫😫☠

  7. Amber Garcia says

    Is the salon owner drunk? That's all I could think of when she was having her meeting with Tabitha.

  8. Madison Arias says

    “Goodbye my little kangaroo”… I love a full circle

  9. Judi Dipillo says

    "Consultate" is not a word Brooke. And fill in your eyebrows.

  10. M says

    With those eyebrows I wouldn’t let Brook touch my hair. 😬

  11. trisia44 says

    I really wanted to see a sexual harassment reprimand in this episode. Who flashes their breasts to anyone at work? That's awful! I'm actually surprised she's still working there.

  12. djmovieloverdane says

    7:53 are those all dollar tree shampoos…?

  13. odanilly says

    "my little kangaroo"❤️❤️❤️

  14. Alyssa Cogswell says

    The editing on the initial review with Kim and Tabatha is BAD.

  15. Shaylaanahi says

    I love the VO5 and SUAVE bottles in the background 😂

  16. Sassy May says

    I keep getting the sense that KIM is cheating on her husband. He seems weak on nature tho. He needs to take control of his home. She thinks she able to flake out whenever she wants because no one holds her accountable for her teenage actions.

  17. Liliana Jankovic says

    Omg this heir-saloon owner is getting on my nerve , just watch and follow Tabata

  18. Naomi Swinehart says

    I love this show

  19. Lilly Souvanna says

    LMFAO!!!!…That girl Brook is a MESS and she look like a CRACKHEAD!!!!…and her eyebrow she need a a tattooed micro blade her damn eyebrow shade!!

  20. sosoyohyoh says

    Can we talk about Brooks eyebrows? I'm scared

  21. Reem Eissa says

    Is there a chance to fire the owner?!

  22. Innie Kang says

    when she said "consultator" instead of consultant.. o3o

  23. courtney dawn says

    the absolute sass war between the two was fantastic 😂

  24. Leah Beth says

    That poor man

  25. Jenny Tini says

    Brooke eyebrows look like arches of MCDonald 😭

  26. April DeTar says


  27. speshalkaay says

    I think the owner is dealing with mental illness, maybe pp depression. If so that’s no way to speak to her 😢

  28. Sharice Holt says

    Is that V05 and Suave products on the shelf?

  29. Danielle Waked says

    Brooke is a character lol. Can we have a spin-off?

  30. Stacey J says

    She looks at a boarded up home and her husband heartbroken and says I’m sorry IF I hurt you. That is telling! This man deserves to be loved by someone who respects him.

  31. Cheetah Gurl420 says

    this chick makes me sick i'd bend over backwards for a salon if i had that and she piggybacks off he rhusbands money what a waste of space smfh

  32. Heather Cameron says

    This is perhaps the first salon I've seen that looked absolutely fine before, but they've gotta put in those new mats from Rhino and get that booking system from Millennial. Did I mention the mats are from Rhino?

  33. La Zingara Intuitive Tarot says

    “Ah cayun be yer liddle kayngaroo baybee!” Omg she’s adorable

  34. The Pixie Files says

    Salon Anyways

  35. Fiona Goode says

    Anyways… I’m not taking over. Good luck and turn it around yourself.

  36. chrissiebabe234 says

    Salon still existing. To be honest, I would go there.

  37. Atlantis Returning says

    They need aprons with the logo.

  38. Key says

    I'm so glad that this became a success story!

  39. Kristie Oneill says

    The lady is ungreatful and doesnt care clearly she needs to get a new profession if i was tabatha i would of walked out

  40. BB Nicks says

    I love this one!

  41. Sue A says

    That poor husband… I hope she was able to salvage the salon for his sake.

  42. Rachewett A says

    I can't blame Brooke cause I'm girl crushing Tabatha too. 39:33

  43. D M says

    Holy Sh!t. “ I have two kids holding me back!” This women is a child. No responsibility and just wants it to fix itself. Ridiculous

  44. Claudia Aa says

    My heart broke when i see her husband sad.

  45. RedPanda van Leven says

    Some of theses owners and employees seem to be on drugs

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