Over 20 EPIC Races on the TEXAS STREETS!


Finding good matchups on the street can be a difficult task when racers undersell the power under their hoods. This makes it all the more worthwhile when you line up next to a car and hang door to door with one another! This GTR went up against this Mustang for nothing but fun, and the outcome was one of the BEST races we saw all night long. Starting the night young around midnight, this meet up spot turned out to be a gold mine for us catching rides on the Texas Streets! Staying out till 5am, we managed to hop into all kinds of badass cars, including a RWD turbo V6 Integra and a VR4 Galant. Stopping here turned into a solid night of racing!

200MPH Lambo VS GTR Race:

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  1. Flako James says

    Every car he's in loses its not fair he puts on more weight

  2. Flako James says

    Its bullshit they use nos when they gonna lose

  3. cae says

    The dude with the Lambo must be like…" fuck I figured a TT Lambo would be enough" Vettes and Mustangs killing it. Should have bought a Coyote, Ls, and a Condo for that money.

  4. David Carbajal says

    Anybody else see the tornado at 16:02??

  5. 1995. Oh says

    15:35 I wish we got to see more of that mustang that took out the lambo and vette…. that was the only clip on it.

  6. 1995. Oh says

    All of that blur is annoying

  7. Alexander Glinskiy says

    Man with the 500 lbs camera sits in your car and you go drag racing)

  8. Randy Gonzalez says

    Most impressive cars in this vid: 1g DSM & GVR4

  9. Vivek Singh says

    @11:23 blur shape mask error 😛

  10. Fulgeratu says

    23:20 that brake disc glowing <3

  11. Alisher Ruziev says

    Kyle: Any guess on how much power?C7 Driver: 5..Oh Something..Kyle: Ugh 🥴😂😂

  12. Steven Shipman says

    Aussies racing in Houston it's like giving a sith meth its gonna get rowdy quick. Wait til they bring barra swapped rangers

  13. 302 Nightmares says

    Bro 😂😂😂😂 they was rapein that lambo

  14. Othyyy says


  15. Ethonixs says

    Evo need to shift quicker

  16. Renee Harewood says

    VR4 wow

  17. Renee Harewood says

    Rwd honda holdings its own …must admit…

  18. DDD_214 says

    Reasons why you never get a dodge

  19. anonymous says

    18:20 DSM 4G63T rules!

  20. BrowBMW says

    Do you ever film a race where you are in the actual winning car!? Are you 500 lbs? 🤣

  21. Gelo Negron says

    Is it me or is the C7 Vette with 500 WHP stretching it a bit with the Galant VR4? 400lbs lighter, please, bro and Vettes are known for being super fast and ultra lightweight, way to sound like a real gringo. I bet you think all of Latin America is Mexico too, huh? Lol 😫🤣Buddy that cars a full sized sedan with an AWD system and 2 passengers inside it. You may be “heavier” by a couple lbs + whatever Kyle weighs. Galant VR4 weighs 3,340lbs roughly and with 2 passengers maybe another 250lbs. The C7 Vette weighs 3,347lbs base — 3,500lbs+ on the higher models. You’re not 400lbs heavier and hes not 400lbs lighter 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑😑

  22. Sweaty says

    That galant is so sick

  23. Montana Solis says

    I love that scat pack seat in the hellcat

  24. kanyedian says

    17:55 I dig that Galant

  25. Nesley.Snipes says

    If I owned a flatbed I’d be outside that gas station with my business cards. Telling people if their car comes back in limp mode don’t risk it call me for a tow.

  26. dablocishot77 says

    How you buy a Lambo and get Smoked by an Integra. That Integra is so sexy. Wait thats a Galant bro?????? Tf? Mfg that Galant is a beast bro. Im a fan of old school cars. Thats nuts.

  27. K g says

    6.30 was beautiful 😍. Love from Scotland.the car scene here is way different.still fast cars but mostly showing them instead of racing.love the American scene

  28. Nathan Williams says

    15:15 That C7 cant be making 900hp. That ugr huracan stage 3 making 1350hp should not be getting walked by it. C7 making way over 1000hp for sure

  29. The_Mitch_28 says

    Anyone else see that tornado lookin thing at 15:56??

  30. Kry RSPS says

    yo that integra took a beating lmao

  31. ThePsychoPearl__ says

    What are they doing with the ICE ? 13:58

  32. Sound Hound says

    Corvettes kinda are meh.

  33. gucci says

    Forget about fast or slow these cars are so well maintained

  34. HAPPYFUNTIMEx2 says

    Hellcat drops the subtle excuses…. check engine light just comes on then goes away… suuuuuure

  35. Arnold Zepeda says

    evo was sending texts to his girl everyshift because she said her parents werent home lol

  36. Texas State Roleplay says

    The lambo guy, it’s honestly sad pay that much money for a car and can’t beat a stock block single turbo mustang 😂😂😂😂

  37. angel najera says

    They are at East Houston The gas station on Sheldon Rd0:40

  38. Apollo says

    6:13 awesome race

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