Ostendo CRVD 43" Ultrawide Curved Computer Monitor at LANFest


Trevor shows us his awesome Ostendo Technologies CRVD 43″ Curved Display at LAN Fest Sacramento. This bad ass monitor runs at a resolution of 2880 x 900 resolution and is thus has 32:10 aspect ratio.

  1. A DU says

    Linus brought me here

  2. Mr Prongles says

    Watching from 2020 on an PC out of 2014 😀

  3. Neosin1 says

    Linus got me here!Wouldn’t be surprised if this dude sold one to linus for $6K lol!

  4. Tech & Nostalgia Kingdom says

    It's something 😅

  5. Abeille Magique Dans Coquelicot says

    Thanks Linus lttstore.com

  6. Ian Zainea says

    Came here from LTT

  7. abger saurus says

    yo he should sell it to linus for the 10k he's offering

  8. Ben says

    What is an ifinity(?) setup that this guy talks about?

  9. Aierek says

    oh god he's a freak. fucking bronies man

  10. PC PAYLOAD says

    The infancy of Ultrawide.. How far we've come.

  11. JPMEX says

    I bet you this dude got the new samsung 49" ultrawide

  12. The King 90 says

    is so bigggggggggg

  13. Tony_The_Tiger says

    tbh i just want a lg 43in monitor it would be fucking 2g but it would be cool

  14. Führer des Benutzers says

    No offence, but the way this guy looks makes me think he's a clopper, non ironically.

  15. William Brasky says

    that dudes on meth

  16. Owlba Tross says

    I own one of these rare OSTENDO CRVD 43" inch monitors! Only a few hundred were ever manufactured.

  17. AlexM says

    resolution crap 70ppi. nice thing with more pixels.

  18. de way says

    Looks like I am not the only brony who is really into computers

  19. Dean Hagler-Jaen says


  20. Harvey Thompson says

    That fucking background… Lol

  21. Ice Inducer says

    43" Curved Display with an aspect ratio of 32:10, Perhaps it has a width of 40.7" with a height of 12.71" inch.

  22. jhon doe says

    give me a break this is not "rare" already wallmart is selling curved monitors for $250

  23. Mynameis2long4u m8 says

    while I used the monitor in the side of it 🙁

  24. Hario338 says

    well shoot, it went to a hardcore bronie…

  25. bmxriderforlife1234 says

    can you buy these

  26. Muncha says

    He could just change the wallpaper to the basic windows 7 wallpaper for the showcase, but no, he's going to use his shitty pony wallpaper.

  27. ptick16 says

    This Trevor guy has the hardest time in the world just processing a simple thought!

  28. MyKeyz says

    Someone please make this monitor with 8220×3440 43" that would be an ppi of 207 🙂 absolute DREAM monitor.

  29. BCOOLROB says

    does this guy lift

  30. JDM Imports says

    what a legend ..

  31. Daisy Dodge says

    trevor bro, my homie.

  32. CowabungaSurfaris says

    I've personally seen this monitor in action, and up against some of the other curved monitors. In comparison to Dell, Samsung, and other high end curved monitors, nothing comes close. This monitor has swag factor too. Haters can hate all they want, but the Ostendo blew every one of the other monitors away. Haters ought to see the thing in person and then try to dis it with their mouths dripping jealous drool. .

  33. Aaron Bond says

    Yea funny story Trev. +1

  34. taipeitaiwan10 says

    Can someone explain why a pink pony?

  35. taipeitaiwan10 says

    Can someone explain why a pink pony?

  36. Olly Stokes says

    the camera guy sounds like mcjuggernuggets, in my opinion

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