Only Human | New Player Experience | Shadowlands Music


Contributing Artists: Glenn Stafford, Jake Lefkowitz

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  1. Warcraft Music and Gaming says

    Only Human
    0:00 – Only Human
    2:22 – A
    4:41 – B
    7:00 – C
    8:44 – D

  2. SodaSaint Commentaries says


  3. Danielle LeFay says

    I haven't played Warcraft 2, but this reminds me of great music of great little known RTstrategy games back then, like Settlers 2. Just perfect.

  4. Elianai dos Santos says

    10:10 Undertale?

  5. Lorks says

    The original music from Warcraft II:

  6. d3st88 says

    Awesome. WoW music is so underrated by the muggles.

  7. Ганглий Интераурикулярный says

    Garithos likes this title.

  8. Neterrapin says

    More work?

  9. gutspillage says

    Warcraft 2! I hear my childhood here! Glenn Stafford, you doing it again.

  10. Tenuto40 says

    1:23 – 2:03Love that variation.

  11. John Doe says

    I'm not sure how I feel about this. It's a good track but not a good starting zone track.

  12. Glorfindel says

    Oh, es que la cagó weon, que tema más bueno

  13. Sir Thompshire says

    Ah man love when they go back to wc3 to pick up tunes, loved hearing arthas's wc3 theme in the Bastion short

  14. Tim Turner says

    Oh man, this is an amazing modernization of the Warcraft 2 Human music. The Orc one is the same and that's wonderful. Orchestration > MIDI.

  15. Leeroy Jenkins says

    Where does this play?

  16. Justin Hernandez says

    First!Thanks for uploading the great music!

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