1. LM 193 says

    The one dislike is from the eyesaur thing

  2. DamienGamer727 says

    is it just me or does this sound somewhat unsettling?

  3. Fizzy says

    Giving me big Scooby Doo PS2 game vibes lol

  4. Flame says

    Replay Button, free of charge

  5. Tom ACNH says

    It reminds me about five nights at sonics 4

  6. Shady bat says

    does this song have a actual name?

  7. Justin Richard DX says

    Sounds like nostalgia.

  8. Justin Richard DX says

    Mystery Music for kids.

  9. Jacob McBride says
  10. Team Doki says

    Shut up eyesuar

  11. Epicfilmslol says

    These games had really good music actually.

  12. Gmodtrollingmann says

    Grunkfuss is creepy as fuck…😱

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