NVasion: TVJ Entertainment Report Interview – September 4 2020


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  1. Dwayne segree says

    “Denham town wannabe Dj trying hard to buss”…why coundnt he say aspiring DJ from denham town?

  2. okay okay says

    Correction bredda, 95 percent.

  3. Omar White says

    Jah know my bro r.i.p to yuh dad raven jah know vex how yuh fada gone bro drop a like fi the young talent

  4. Lavar Grey says

    Them gyall wiked

  5. Omari Campbell says

    Him deserve fi buss 🔥

  6. lissette smith says

    You a do you thing god son, God first.

  7. michelle che says

    GooooooooooD Job

  8. Living on Purpose !! says

    Anthony Miller how you so wicked ⁉️Clearly di bredda nuh comfortable fi talk bout his Father's death and yet you ah try dig up the answer fi know wah cause his demise.Dude, you and vlad, Wendy Williams and Don Lemon are all from the same school of journalism, wicked.

  9. BTC Mewzik says

    A regular them gal dweet them fi tap e if you nuh wah give the number just say no smh

  10. G -smith says

    The bredda say thank God for wicked woman 😂😂😂

  11. GAD 6ix says

    This tuff a than neeko mash up me life

  12. Rose Reeves says

    My co worker been singing that song from morning…dwl…

  13. Rose Reeves says

    Big up the girl weh give yuh the vision… lolol

  14. dj pekus says

    Very talented!! Love entertainment report. Anthony Miller!! Big up

  15. Joe Will says

    Di man seh him not even memba har

  16. Wild Side says

    Tunnel vision g the best is yet to com

  17. shiann gentles says

    Big step your song all over the place push it youth don't stop push

  18. REVIEW GAD TV says

    Talented youth

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