Numa Numa (Dragostea Din Tei) – Wii Music


hey!! this is the first video i made on my new PC! im not used to running windows all the time now, so i need to get used to it. this is also my first shot at editing with adobe premiere pro or whatever its called, and it was pretty rough. going from a cruddy laptop to a big powerful machine is pretty uhh… idk the word, but i know it takes a lot of getting used to. i need to buy another SSD so i can run macOS and have final cut pro to edit with instead because premiere pro is really wonky for my liking.
ok with that all aside, ill be able to make wii music videos a lot easier! again, it needs some getting used to, so i may be slow at the start, but ill manage!
well i hope you enjoy this video!! see you next time!~


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ilike corndogs

  1. Santiago says

    adamcrossing is the final boss of the music industry

  2. June says


  3. Phoenix Andy says

    Good god, I’m reliving my childhood

    Thank you

  4. Arconis The Wolf says

    just vibin!

  5. Waluigi31 says

    This meme is coming back

  6. Vlenskyvarwood says

    Finally. My favorite music.

  7. Chrisc95367 says

    Me before watching: 😒😐
    Me after watching: 😄😀

  8. Macdongr says

    Those harmonies in the second chorus… I get chills when I hear harmonies like that for some reason.

  9. The Living Glitch says

    The Golden Age of the Internet.

  10. Sans 2345 says

    Back when youtube was in the glory days

  11. Lone wolf says

    Love this so much

  12. Flynn Roberts says

    Good to have your new PC! 😉👍

  13. Dragon 14 says

    I was singing this because i thought i was funny a few days ago because i was about to die on minecraft think it was best time

  14. fourtrifiveO says

    Hey congrats on your new PC!!!!!

  15. Brick Diego Durango 095 gamer says

    Awesome! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  16. SapphireBlueWorld says

    I unironically absolutely love listening to your covers. As a non-musically inclined person I think you're amazingly talented. Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best in life.

  17. Potato Potato says

    Oh early YouTube this and parry gripp

  18. Nonthera says


  19. Dytran says

    I don’t remember this episode

  20. 辻良幸 says

    Yay! I know this song. It's a good song! The sound is echoing and it's very nice.Please keep doing a good job!

  21. Cage Wilson Ass of Bass says

    The best part is that the numa numa guy is playing all the instruments

  22. budlechum123 says

    I'm still trying to find that megalovania part >^>

  23. TheAwesomeGN says

    And that, is destiny fulfilled

  24. Juango 500 says

    Regular Show outro? noice.

  25. Channel says


  26. InklingFan77 Mettaton1936 says

    When a Legendary video became a wii music midi

  27. Lucas Chua says

    discord invite is invalid and has been for a long time

  28. Some Rat says

    haha nostalgia go maya hee

  29. Cassidy P.P. Suck says

    >posts a Nyan Cat and Numa Numa video in 2020
    Reject modernity, embrace tradition

  30. Degenerate Male says

    Finally, some good music

  31. Shit Salad 42 says

    Hoje é festa la no meu apê

  32. Noah Haggerty says

    Next idea: Nyan Cat on same map. Heck, put Keyboard Cat on the Piano if one is present.

  33. Enzo My monster says

    I thought I was the only one that played wii music to this day

  34. Virtual says

    Polish spinning toilet in wii music

  35. Lord Zamasu Vegeta Black Fusion says

    I think Wii can all agree that this is a blast from the past.

  36. VoluXian says

    When two galaxies cross paths and collide, this song plays.

  37. Cvo777 says

    The song was always a pleasure to listen to, even if it was just for laughs. I recommend everyone go add that bop to their playlists

  38. Sicor says

    The thumbnail speaks volumes

  39. Pineapple Guy says

    Now, this is music.

  40. Javier Quevedo D. says

    Oh no, I'm having flashbacks of this song in Spanish 🤣
    And it's not particulary a translation of the original, it's a parody
    Thank you for remind me that that parody exist lol

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