||NOTICE ME💖||Song by: Alli Simpson|Royale High Music Video| TheGacha Kitten



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Editing Apps used for Music videos:

-Photo Layers
-Ibis Paint
-Pics Art


  1. TheGacha Kitten says

    I finally linked my TikTok in the description. Idk why I took so long to put it there 😂😅

  2. Pingu Sings says

    ly jen

  3. arjelle hibionada says

    1% reading this is blessed with eternal happiness!:D Also TheGacha Kitten TheGacha KittenTheGacha KittenNow we wait! 🙂

  4. Heejeong Kang says


  5. Heejeong Kang says

    Me looks at vid* NU THIS ISN'T EVEN ENOUGH LIKES •~• •°• Ok It is a lot of likes ^•^

  6. madison richard says

    This song is stuck in my head!😮

  7. TheGamerGirls_Roblox says

    Can you do the song “They looking at me” if you didn’t already

  8. Dreamless Lunar says

    Omg that's so good :oooo

  9. ItzCookie says

    YouTube: Let's Notify her a day later cuz we be lazyMe:NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU Im Late :cBut AMAZING video <3

  10. Bublegum Gamer says

    Omg im like thx to make this im really like it! sub to TheGacha Kiteen she so cool 😀

  11. Misheel Bayasgalan says

    Lesson learned; be nice to everyone because you dont know what they go through. Lysm Gacha 😀

  12. RDZ FlameZ says

    Can you tell me the name of your intro I’ve heard it before but I can’t remember what it’s called

  13. Carlos Padilla says

    Wait never mind just found Heather part three oops sorry

  14. Carlos Padilla says

    I love your vids but are you still going to upload the Heather part 3

  15. Xx Cooki3Lover xX says

    Am I Ugly? Of Is This Am Song

  16. Unicron Girl! says

    Oh m gosh this is so cute! And can you help me? Plase has need help with the music I’m a new YouTuber and I love your vids and I really love this is gonna Make me cry becomes this is to CUTE!!!!! I love this Uwu and I love your vids and you just got a new sub! 🙂 have a great day everyone! 🙂

  17. TiffanyPlayzRoblox says

    Omg yay love your vids and I'm always inspired by you

  18. Eva oof girl says

    You should make a video and use the song play date!

  19. kokila valluri says

    I am probably late;-; but the worst part is she met her hero and her hero is so RUDEEE REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Honestly gatcha kitten is meh hero

  20. Eva oof girl says


  21. Gaming with Suri! says


  22. Sherina Letitia Silaen says


  23. Cookie Gacha says


  24. Cookie Gacha says

    Hey great work I hope u get too your goals 🙂

  25. JoJo Da Gamer Girl says

    My biggest flex is I've been here since 9k subs 👌

  26. Sxlted_Cxrmel says

    I really wanna know how to make good music vids I just dont know how if the one and only could give me some tips I would be so grateful 🥺

  27. Emma Paredes says

    This is great gachakitten your videos are amazing! The next video can u Daisies by Katy Perry 🙂 Notice Me!

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