Ninja – 7 Years (Official Fortnite Music Video)


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I’ve made a ninja fortnite music video a tiko fortnite music video and a default fortnite music video so far with the song 7 years and you all seem to enjoy them!

Let me know what type of videos you want to see next maybe a fortntie parody or a fortnite roleplay ?

Check out some of the people who helped with this 7 years old fortnite music video:
Crackle Crack:

Maps used:
Airport: 6037-9905-6392
Luxury Mansion: 0611-3532-2374
Soccer Stadium: 2588-0476-9968
Moon Map: 6502-2054-2717

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Thumbnail Creator: BH Stabz


  1. Ninja says

    Thank you for this

  2. BluLEmoN says

    2:24 MS Flight Simulator lol

  3. Fishy Boi says


  4. Asanor says

    He's back at it after a year… He did it boys

  5. the freaking banana Kloida says

    Good song but this year is not the goodest streamer fortnite sucks

  6. Altaf Zhang says

    My dad die I was 3

  7. Altaf Zhang says


  8. Altaf Zhang says

    Ninja i love you #ninja is cool

  9. Daniel Combi says


  10. Victoria Hegedus says


  11. YT_RedsWrld says

    Tiko than ninja

  12. qwazics lol says

    Simp clan member btw

  13. 1k subs with videos. Please subscribe says


  14. Mason Quinn says

    Ninja you are the best youtuber ever you are so lucky 🍀

  15. Onigirix D says

    Am I the only one who teared up

  16. MiniMaster Gaming says


  17. William M says

    This is good but not as good as the tiki one

  18. JesseQBS Gaming says

    This is amazing!

  19. Isaac Susal says


  20. Jillian Beall says

    I kinda feel like the fishy did the same song ?

  21. THE FAB BROS says

    We need one for daequan

  22. Young Kang says

    This song is my favorite now on

  23. Cloaked_ Savage says

    Ninja is the best fortnite player and so much more and he is a good man that’s makes ninja a good streamer

  24. mlthompson72 says

    Ninja is so good at poping 90s

  25. OliDeHaro says

    this is the sweetest thing i've ever seen. i'm in tears. thank you so much for making this!!!🥺💖

  26. Tyrell Toles says


  27. david groenevelt says

    Fishy army first and now ninja

  28. Trevor O Reilly says

    Guys this has to get so much sub and likes best ninja song a ever

  29. Kai says

    This is sick

  30. AcyclicPlate70 says

    Omg this is how you get views put ninja in the title but insane vid

  31. james watts says

    BRUH WTFFF😭😭😂😂😈😭😭😭😭😂 im too high for this

  32. Vin Gano says


  33. TheAskew says

    Ninja deserved this video a lot, from his eyes hurt, to being one of the people which made a entire game popular. Before, Tfue's fans trying to blame Ninja for leaking MrBeast's code

  34. 1k subs with videos. Please subscribe says

    This song is so touching, it brings back memories from when I was young.

  35. Alexis Olayo says

    So fair du a 1 hour uf this song

  36. Siddhant Awachar says

    This 4 minute of song showed ninja's whole life

  37. Eystream playz says

    Thank you 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  38. Tyrell Toles says

    I love Ninja❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍

  39. Tay pvo says

    This still reminds me of my dead brother we use to love each other ever day. Then he died from the cops I dream about home ever day:(😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  40. ConstantMars68 says


  41. Echo On120hz says

    So underrated, miss the old days so much🤧🤧😔😔

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