Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 09, 2018 | NBC Nightly News


California battles fast-moving wildfires, Florida at center of undeclared elections, and gas prices fall amid abundance of oil.
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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – November 09, 2018 | NBC Nightly News

  1. 村田譲 says


  2. Bollu Ramesh says

    Don't go against god(sin)

  3. Issam Binbo says

    O friends .This is anger of God on everyone who does not want to return to him.

  4. Rabbani Dewanto says

    What next ? Flood ?

  5. Alex Knight says

    Wonderful people found dead loving this madness I can't wait until they all are dead off this planet.

  6. sheckler hodgdon says

    Butter me up ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  7. azutega33 says

    Who knows why the fire started? Maybe an explosion of liberalism in California.

  8. All animals should be loved and respected! S2 says

    Please rescue the animals too.

  9. Feel Good Music says


  10. Walkaway Movement says

    Clearly the Wrath of God is Upon California and the Land Has been Cursed. Repent is the only way my fellow Americans. REPENT!

  11. Musafir Dumay says

    If U burn Irak afghan and Palestine….. U will collaps soon

  12. Thinking Cap On says

    My heart is breaking for California. 😭😭😭

  13. Nadar Khan says

    I am very Happy very bad people

  14. Courtney Saunders says

    California hasn't been a part of the United States for many years. Let Mexico, Honduras and all of the other indian countries worry about California.

  15. Courtney Saunders says

    The sanctuary cities are burning!

  16. yonatan schlussel says

    This is insane……

  17. Draco D says

    I remember A black woman wanted to buy a house in paradise they burned the house down, how does it feel when G,OD shows his hand.

  18. Act Right says

    Save the kush please

  19. Evelyn Scott says

    Thanks for the advice.

  20. Jose Artist says


  21. Jacqueline walker says

    the fire department know they can't win. they know that stuff is set up. you all need to as your governor why they haven't improve the way they fight firers????

  22. Jacqueline walker says

    actually how these people got the land in the first place and kept certain people out. So now – who gonna share the property.

  23. Jacqueline walker says

    people not setting them. God is – for all the years that Black people, still can't get respect.

  24. Evelyn Scott says

    Him that created the earth and heavens.

  25. zanbil lbout says

    God's wrath on this wicked nation. America is paying twice for what they did to the world.

  26. Jet Campbell says

    Something very wrong here. Metal melting in places and trees ok

  27. Jet Campbell says

    Progressive Dems burning up their state for Agenda 22 Agenda 30 Sustainable development. And you celebrities thought you were exempt.

  28. Marisol 805 says

    Who else lives in Cali and is watching this?

  29. fabio sunspot says

    Very sad and upsetting to watch.

  30. fabio sunspot says

    Poor animals they can't get out🙄

  31. fabio sunspot says

    California is burning more planes needed to drop water.

  32. Thomas Lightningbolt says

    Guess who the Indians are now???  Remember "Jesus saves"! Ha ha ha!And Mental Health is a perfect weapon to chemically castrate and chemically lobotomize a person who doesn't think, walk and talk like mainstream christians! It is a face of Agenda 21!

  33. Crystals Narcissists Gaslighter says

    This is god people

  34. Ron O says

    Your denial of prayer and denial of GOD is the reason for the violence.Where GOD does not exist, Satan fills the void, and you filled the void with Satan!!!!!!Lady crying, it is people like you who are the cause of the Gun violence!

  35. TP Randy says

    Fake gun crap but, sorry for people loss with their homes, regardless of how the fire started.

  36. Robert Walker says

    Politicians are liars they have sold out America a long time ago it’s so Blatant now it’s ridiculous what’s sad is we allowed it.

  37. Robert Walker says

    The fix is in the sheeple will never see it. Mainstream corporate media is is the enemy.

  38. Jacob Zamora says

    Those innocent lives were lost, it's all because of President of the United States Donald J. Trump has hold the firefighters that are trying to save those lives, but now the Restless Souls of the victims who died on wildfire of California will not rest until that man will face the impeachment, and then ended up in prison where he really belongs for committed more lies and crimes.

  39. Tyrone Shorter says

    God say when they say peace and safety destruction will happen Donald Trump been saying peace and safety since the beginning of 2018 look at the world and since 2018 a lot of things been happening but Christ already appear the second time in the flesh to reveal I have Ali mother who comes in the flash so we can learn the teachings of God in the last days because Satan change the laws of God so that many people can follow the evil ways

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