1. Philharmonic HE says

    In the United States, federal, state and local agencies are investigating a rise in lung injuries. In November, the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that more than 2000 cases of lung injuries, including 47 deaths, were connected to vaping. The agency has identified vitamin E acetate, a liquid thickener as a chemical of concern. Vaping is the act of inhaling vapor through the mouth. Vaping uses a battery-operated electronic device to heat and mix small particles with air.

  2. Laming777 says

    Guys, don't smoke, be clever

  3. Gloria Oh says


  4. Abu Huraira says

    ME Why don't you quit smoking??
    FRIEND Whenever I think to quit smoking, I need a cigarette to think

  5. Ismail Hacihasanov says

    It's so popular in Arab countries, they named it shisha.

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