New #Swimsuits for the #Filipinas and More of Our Beach #Lifestyle


The ladies went shopping at my friend’s sari-sari store and purchased new swimsuits. They both look absolutely stunning in their new outfits. Join us for a trip to the Angel’s Burger to pick up some Hungarians, everyday life at the #beach, and a romantic walk with Wife #1. Do you really have to move to the Philippines to enjoy a beach lifestyle? I’ll discuss the question in this video.

Thanks for joining us on this video, my friends…

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  1. Pedro K says

    Go to Pi:fill form online 3 days before redcross Pi, Pay online for covid. (FASTER IN AIRPORT) order hotel before, belmont across terminal 3. They Pay you back if result is fast got mine in 18 hrs not a Pal flight, ordered a room for 3 days got All money back Even 3 hrs overstay. So go luck.

  2. Leroy Jones says

    How much do you pay those girls?

  3. smrh h2man says

    The food looks sad…

  4. Eye Of Venture says

    I’m on the beautiful West Coast of Florida. But I will be in the Philippines soon

  5. Eye Of Venture says

    Forest G, is like what, LOL

  6. Jay Jay says

    I`m missing Helen of Troy,another great vlog.

  7. Adam Caldwell says

    LMAO you said Turn around look at that Merchandise ha ha .. I always say Look at those "Premium Products" We must be related. lol

  8. snakeriverfisher says

    i just left there this morning ill have to try to Angels burgers, had Jeffo Japanese last night ,pretty good, but sometimes just want a cheap buger

  9. Marco Mancipe says

    "Big tech…skinny jean wearing, Call of Duty shit heads!!"… INSTANT CLASSIC!

  10. loopy64 says

    Shokoy = Merman

  11. matti jarvinen says

    there is no bikinis in ph everyone goes swimming with their clothes on.come to Brazil and see some skin

  12. Joseph Drawbond says

    Do Rumble…….King. F……Utub

  13. Dnyce says

    Also life of a single no family man

  14. Dnyce says

    It cost u rent+

  15. Rick Sanchez says

    great vids Marcos enjoyed this one.

  16. Neal Williams says

    Look at that beauty in black

  17. Neal Williams says

    Sounds like the dreaded HR DLA when your trying to transfer to a new location and they want to play GOD with your security clearance and you inform them you have a secret clearance good for ten years and there is no security clearance required except public trust- go figure

  18. Charles Anderson says

    Great show brother I just made creamy deoblo today for the second time.

  19. Journey Man says

    great vid King

  20. Chris says

    Great ending cool audio .
    Watch "Shinning " with your ladies that would be great to see lol

  21. k 1 says


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