1. NeilOB9 says

    Who's watching in 2017

  2. Andrewscott says

    its on pc or iPhone iPad iPod samsung exetra

  3. Adam Heath says

    yeahhhhh nepenthez

  4. Master Shadow says

    furthest goal stat 38.7 furthest pass stat 40.8

  5. dominique uding says

    this old stuff is great man

  6. Bruno Sallazar says

    my furthest pass is 34.9 yds and furthest goal is 32.6 yds.

  7. HunterSweeney7 says

    It's on PC btw

  8. Xuân Kiên says
  9. Adam Cox says

    Is his name actually neppo monster

  10. Will Robinson says

    Does increasing the technique make the ball move slower when kicking?

  11. weelazybhoy88 says

    Please make more of these nep

  12. Michael Sopp says

    keep the games faster. gd vid

  13. RogueGingerboyHD | FIFA Content says

    The android version of this is crap you can't upgrade your contract or change teams unless you pay with real life money :/

  14. Bob Mana says

    Great vid nep (:

  15. Ale Vecchi says

    There is a flash version of this game that I find to be better than the iOS version

  16. staffo29 says

    its like 69p to remove ads why not just do it?

  17. jakolantrn33 says

    you can record your iphone with an elgato game cap?

  18. Bobo Bob says

    Why does it have deorum gamines logo

  19. JoeyPlays says

    Neppo! It's my local team! you pronounce it wrong! try not to pronounce the "Ant" so much. 

  20. Manfred Badonde says

    Somone pls explain why all his relationships are full from the start

  21. Charlie P says

    Keep 5 games a ep

  22. Thomas Hodder says

    Remember in your first series you used to shoot from far out you used the bounce!! Remember!!

  23. Ollie says

    Nep just pay to remove ads, I'm sure you can afford it and would make video quality much better

  24. Sam MacDonald says

    Whats the game on the thumbnail?

  25. L33 T33 says

    My first team was hibs in the Scottish premiership

  26. Ugnius Ginevicius says

    Turn on Airplane mode so there is no Ads.

  27. Thomas Parsley says

    Havant is my local team 😀 So you better go up

  28. No Comment says

    more frequent Nep 🙂

  29. Axel Truedson says

    I think you get more star bux if you click on the adverts

  30. Booeid says

    When more clash of clans

  31. Joe McLean says

    Nep, do FM!

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