*NEW* Spoons CARD GAME in Fortnite Battle Royale


We play SPOONS Card game in Fortnite

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  1. Shiela Serrano says

    Ssundee make a new crazy craft 2.0 to make more ay really love it

  2. Corbin Wolfgang says

    Gibberish much Gary

  3. Martin and Kelly says

    I love your YouTube

  4. Galatech -_- says

    Also it depends on the theme you have on YouTube I have dark mode enabled and my like button is white

  5. David Wechsler says

    tell biffle to stop wiffling

  6. Aaron Macwilliam Hughes says

    Ssundee, I have a favour to ask. If possible, could you put your og intro back in your videos, the one with Insan3Lik3 playing over it. I know you're different now from the old ssundee, but that intro and music helped so many people, and it would be a nice thing for your longer fans to hear. Thanks. And I will be commenting this on every new vid. I'd be grateful if people could like this, and re-comment this, so that Ssundee sees it.

  7. Mattep Rheid says

    This is #2 in gaming wow

  8. Husky Hounds says

    SSundee I was playing Among Us and I saw your name the same way that you spelt it and if you look at this comment please to give a comment of what the code is please

  9. ToX1C_q_Tryhard says

    Can he lose for once

  10. XD David says

    The like button turned blue tho

  11. Paul K says

    My like button is blue

  12. jonathan mkx says

    Play more Among Us

  13. Invert- Jam3s says

    Imagine if ssundee made a montage that would be soo good

  14. Malachi Taylor says

    ## ### ### ### #### ###### ## #### #### ####Me:can you figure it out?

  15. Syphx Clan says


  16. Syphx Clan says

    Abop your legendary lef

  17. Rick Roll says


  18. JSAB Gaming says

    play mure skyfactory

  19. Please add me fearless-copper8 says

    You lied is White

  20. A.K MATHAI says


  21. Michael Kiernan Gamiz says

    I got a new combo ….. jk I wont use it in the hole game

  22. Mason French says

    hehe i love the clickbait titles as this is not new hes done spoons in the past

  23. Daniel Shirk says

    how do you play this game i dont get it? nevermind

  24. Joshua M says

    Plz don't tell Russell to do that

  25. Noah William says

    Can you please play 21 again 🙏🙏🙏

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