NEW Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Fashion Doll Unboxing


Sam is in a musical and poetic mood today! We’re going to unbox our favorite Rainbow Surprise with fashionable dolls and slime inside. Well, let’s start this amazing unboxing!

Looks like we got Rainbow Dream with rainbow socks! We wanted to find this doll from the moment we first unboxed Rainbow Poopsie That’s why we are so happy!

The set includes a bright pink bottle with pictures, a jacket with rainbow cuffs and collar, shoes with silver stars and black laces, a handbag shaped like a rainbow, slime powder and various glitters for a unique slime!

And then comes the Rainbow Dream doll herself. She’s a beauty, just look at her! Rainbow eyes, colorful hair, and cool outfit ready to be filled with slime. Don’t forget, the doll comes with a stunning shiny highlighter for your face and body!

We only need to mix all the necessary ingredients for slime-making and add it to Rainbow Dream’s clothing. All the slimes are soft to the touch and stretchy, you will definitely like them!

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This video has English subtitles for your convenience!

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