1. HerpimusDerp says

    OH MY GOD WARCRAFT 2 1995 ALL OVER AGAIN. It was also in "Echoes of the Past" in Burning Crusade Caverns of Time Old Hillsbrad as well as I think one of the loading screens in WC3 The Frozen Throne.

  2. Mediados says

    Shadowlands:When you lie in your bed mortally wounded and just want to die and rest in piece, you realize youre being dropped into the next warzone.

  3. Xuvatei says

    Can we get a more Jamaican beat for the trolls mon? De Zandalari really like this human named Bob Marley…

  4. Valkyreon says

    THE CHILLS! Even today I love to listen to the Warcraft 2 Soundtrack… this is just… glorious!If only they remastered Warcraft 2 and its complete soundtrack.(Yeah I know, WC3 Reforged wasn't really great, but if this happened with Warcraft I or II Reforged, we would at least have the amazing soundtracks 🤩)For me "Orc 2" is the Horde's theme, always will be. ❤️

  5. Aelfynn Alochoir says

    Me being an uncultured swine: "PeT bAtTlEs!"

  6. Chris says

    This is amazing!

  7. Tiucaner says

    OMG! The godamn Warcraft II Orc theme! I'm so glad Glenn is still with Blizzard after all these years, so we can still have amazing tracks like these.

  8. Santiago De Vinzenzi says

    Exile's Reach with Warcraft 2 Music is an awesome idea of Blizzard!!!!

  9. ThroatyBee says

    Well i have an orc warrior but i m gonna have new orc character for listening this soundtrack

  10. Kalen says


  11. IshayuG says

    Feels like Orc composition with Human instrumentation…I can't say I like it.

  12. Brian Jed says

    Warcraft II Orc Remastered in 4k coming 21st decade.

  13. Santiago De Vinzenzi says


  14. Bi$harp says

    "You're the captain."

  15. M G says

    Zug zug

  16. Narancia says

    Zug zugSwobuDabu

  17. Murray Daniel says

    The composer deserves a Xmas bonus of a pile of Alliance heads. The music has me fired up and ready to go!!

  18. UB3RFR3NZY says

    YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. I love it. Warcraft 2 baby, chills. Iirc the man who does wow music is the same guy as 25 years ago, he remastered his own tracks.I'd love to hear some more of these.

  19. Carlos John says

    SMOrc Clap For the Horde

  20. Alejandro McFly says

    pero porque suena tan epico dios mio!

  21. Anastazja Herrera says

    Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  22. Haereticus says

    Warcraft 2!!!Now I feel old……

  23. Thunderbleed Thunderbleed says

    This is the Warcraft that I fell in-love with. I remember playing Warcraft 2: Tide of darkness. This is bringing me back so many good memories when i was a kid.This is the Warcraft we all want and more. Good job Shadowland's Music department!! I tip my helm to you. Lok tar o gar!! For the Horde!!!

  24. johnny sivipaucar says

    en q zona meteran esta obra de arte?

  25. ErikWarhammer says

    Me at the start: "Oh cool, new music for lev-"Me after 0:30:"I'lL bUy YoUr EnTiRe StOcK!!!"


    This legit got me as hyped as the cinematic trailer and the Afterlives shorts lmaoman why did Reforged have to suck so bad 🙁

  27. André de Souza do Vale says

    Samuro theme remixed

  28. Raeven - CCA Entertainment says


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