New Cricket LG Optimus L70 unboxing and review


This is a Unboxing of the very popular Lg L70 for the Cricket Wireless network. The phone has a unique light up home button with a HD Display. The phone is nice to hold in your hand and also has a decent screen size. If you have any question just drop em down below and SUBSCRIBE!


  1. Ashton Carlson says

    I had this phone a while ago!

  2. Magdalina Estiverne says

    I have this phone and its complete trash the battery drains fast the screen is terrible it won't charge anymore

  3. Xavier Scoty says

    i want you to do the biggest zte unboxing

  4. Daevster 666 says

    the LG L70 is complete trash i have it (unfortunately)

  5. Daevster 666 says

    poor poor poor storage! my computer from 1999 has more storage!

  6. Daevster 666 says

    dont get this phone trust me its trash

  7. Kassy says

    Internet very low on that phone 4G on cricket 😞

  8. Young J. says

    Fix ur teeth

  9. GAMER3341 says

    i have this phone from same company cricket.But i cant find an option for a mobile hotspot?

  10. internet life 1234 says

    you sound like a nerd 😂😂😂

  11. Anastasia Sánchez says

    I have it 😄

  12. Christian Boyzo says

    DA FUCQ IS WRONG WITH UR VOICE😂😂😂 u sound like a nerd

  13. Meghann Slays says

    okay my review on this phone is : ive had tgis phone for quite a while and works very well , good thing about this phone is you can design it to be unique, they have alot of features like passwords , hd camera, good quality camera , cute emojis, fast surfing etc. this phone is my baby and im gonna get a Samsung core prime soon 😢 gonna miss this phone. if your asking for advice weather to get this phone or not, GET IT , wont regret it (ps buy a case for the phone before you even buy it becuase the font glass is very sleek and smoth witch increases the chances of it being craked if it falls )

  14. Kevin Is #1 says


  15. Dayana Cruz says

    By the way mine is T-Mobile

  16. Dayana Cruz says

    I have one but mine is the lg Optimus 190 why won't my home button light up colors

  17. Brenda Joseph says

    That's an LG realm not an L70 I had an l70 n the l70 comes In either grey or white and the button doesn't light up on the L70 btw

  18. joseph forbrs says

    Should I get this phone?

  19. Billy Tkacs says

    I have the same phone but instead of with cricket i have my LG L70 with MetroPCS

  20. 2 Bros says

    LG optimus L70 or ZTE zmax

  21. NiahDaDon says

    you could have shown more

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